Richard Riverin

Richard Riverin was born in Quebec City, in 1942.

Graduated from Sherbrooke University with a BSc. Degree In Chemistry, he worked for ten years in the formulating of  specialty coatings; started
his own manufacture, half way through, and then sold it to move
to the Art business. Riverin is one of the few artists who developed their own personal and unique style and technique. He even formulated his
own paint to produce a very heavy and rich looking texture.

Riverin had numerous solo and group showings in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Palm Beach, Naples, Washington, Chicago, Jacksonville,
Greensboro, Ridgewood and New York. He was one of
the bestsellers at ArtExpo New York, every year, from 2003 to 2012.

Riverin is also a writer and the author of the published three books saga “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story” and numerous short stories.

"In each one of my paintings, I launch my unbridled imagination. Hoping for the best, I paint with spontaneous and impulsive strokes of my pallet-
knife often ending in a much different composition than the one I had planned. I start at the top and as I come down my canvas, the foliage, the
sky, the trees are all done wet on wet so that the colored masses melt into each other. There is a connection to a superior world and people
connect with my paintings and that is why I have been blessed with a successful career. The paint is unique, I make it, I am a chemist. There is a
soft shine and a very rich looking and heavy texture and the colors are at the image of my interior peace mixed with my love for the people around
me and my exuberant personality"
Richard Riverin
                                                                  Riverin's original paintings are also sold in these fine art galleries:                                                        

Major showing

International Art Center, Palm Beach, FL 1996-2000
Global Renaissance, Naples FL 2000-2004
La Belle Image, Hilton Head SC 2004-2008
Magnolia Art Gallery, Greensboro GA 2005-2008
R.Roberts Gallery, Jacksonville FL 2006-2008
Magnum Opus, Weschester PA 2005-2008
Artis Gallery, Ridgewood NJ 2008
Liss Gallery, Toronto Canada 2008
Harbour Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2010
Art Cafe, Williamsburg, VA, 2011
The Bronze Frog Gallery, Oakville, Ontario 2011
Liss gallery, Toronto 2011, Calgary 2011Group shows

ArtExpo New York 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, ,2009, 2010, 2011 , 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Honorable mention

Riverin was one of the best sellers every year at ArtExpo New York competing with several hundreds of the best artists on today’s market.


BS Degree in Chemistry, Sherbrooke University 1966
Riverin received the guidance of two older artists; Gabriel Bonmati, Ron Davies


Oscar Wilde once wrote, "beauty is its own genius." And the technically masterful, luscious and luminous oil paintings by Richard Riverin are that kind of genius.  Not discovered by our gallery until 2005, we
have been clamoring to make up for lost time having missed out on the previous four decades of this brilliant artist's career.  In doing so we have hosted two major art expositions in his honor and he has
returned the compliment by dazzling our collectors who now save the date months in advance to view Riverin sculpt with his specially formulated oil paints in life.  No other artist in the twenty-five year history of
our gallery rivals Riverin's scientific yet spiritual approach to Impressionism, ignoring the basics of applying background then foreground and instead essentially creating a prismatic Modern Impressionism
paintings in the order a great author would pen a classic novel.  It is through the dazzling subtleties and expressionistic colors of each of his visual novels that the viewer is overcome by Riverin's playfulness
and yet deliberateness in his painting mastery.

~                                                                                                   Jennifer Jones, - Jacksonville, Florida


Upon viewing a collection of Richard Riverin’s paintings, the bold color selection and texturized distribution is what immediately grabs and demands an admirer’s attention.  With closer consideration, his
palette is working to express his emotion and deep desire for pure beauty and contentment.  Riverin paints with a calm and serene mind, having a capacity to transform his love of our world into magnificent
works of art.

This level of skill is a true gift.  I look at these paintings with a great sense of admiration.  Richard’s diversity is something that we rarely see among other artists.  He is able to approach varied subject matter
with confidence and ease, blending the styles of abstraction and impressionism.

Richard Riverin has formulated his own paint of polymers, paint additives and pigment pastes.  This paint allows for a dramatic texture using a palette knife technique.  The paint is resistant to touch and
sunlight degradation.  It is flexible and retains a fresh, wet look.

Richard is not only an esteemed artist; he is a compassionate and charismatic human.  He is dedicated to his work as an artist and I am very glad to have the honor of knowing and working with him.

                                                                                                                                                                                Jamie Rop Gall
Liss Gallery
140 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Art Source & Design
1950 Abbott Street
Charlotte NC
La Belle Image
9 Harbourside Lane
Hilton Head, SC
Magnolia Art Gallery
1020 Parkside Commons
Greensboro, GA
Galerie 2000
Palais des Congres &
60 rue Notre-Dame &
45 rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Montreal, QC
Zantman Galleries
6th & Mission
Carmel CA, 93921
Paul Robinson Inc.
2161 Kingston Court SE
Marietta, GA 30067
Chasen Gallery
3554 W. Carey St.
Richmond, VA
J.R. Mooney Gallery
8302 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Galerie Saint-Paul
45 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Montreal QC H2Y1Z1
Gallery Veronique
11324 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Galerie Sono
50 Water Street
Norwalk, CT 06854