A new beginning

    My name is Richard Riverin.

    I am a careered artist-painter living in Hilton Head Island, SC. I am 75 years old, five feet nine inches tall, handsome for my age, in good shape and still sharp
    mentally. It is the reward for working out every day and jog three to four times a week. I also play golf three times a week and work at my Hilton Head Island art

    My wife is still with me and I feel blessed to have a lifetime companion on my side at the autumn of my life.

    We migrated to the USA a long time ago with an E-2 visa and opened an art gallery in Palm Beach Gardens FL then Washington DC and later on in Naples FL.

    Shortly after I opened my art gallery in Naples, many years ago, I started to have problems; all kind of problems. My partner emptied the joint bank account and
    started to borrow paintings from our inventory. We ended up with two art galleries and him getting the best location. Then there were problems with my landlord
    that ended up in an aggression on me, an arrest of the Landlord and his wife and a lawsuit.

    Lise, my charming wife wanted to get back to Montreal and live there. Something, some kind of interior message was telling me to hang on, that better days
    were ahead. I did not want to lose her; I loved her dearly but my twins and oldest daughter were living in Montreal and I missed them too. To go through those
    hard times, I was taking long walks at 5:30AM following an old trail in the everglades close to Marco Island. It was dangerous; there were black bears there and
    Florida panthers and salt water crocodiles. It was one of two spots in Florida were you could find these crocodiles.  I was armed with a long knife and a
    quarterstaff. I never met anyone while taking those walks and I liked that. I had found a nice resting place to sit and think about my life and my values. I would just
    relax and abandoned myself to whatever come to my mind.

    In those meditating moments, I started to get images coming up at the corner of my left eye; they would not stay long enough for me to see what they were. I
    decided to try to immobilize one of those images; every day I tried to do it and one day I succeeded to catch the fast disappearing images and saw a strange
    world. At that time I wondered what would happen if I did an astral trip to that world; I relaxed every part of my body, eliminated all thoughts from my mind and
    then I tried to turn my soul over from right to left and back up out of my body; I succeeded, I went out and saw myself underneath and I could still see the strange
    world. I tried to move there and suddenly I was there, sitting on the ground, in a wheat field and in my body. I was there, trapped on another world, a dangerous
    world since I could hear from a distance the roars of a large predator.

    I was under shock; I should have thought about the danger of trying to do an astral trip to another world but no, I didn’t even think, I just did it. I often hate myself
    and regret the risks I take; all my life I put myself in trouble and only my incredible luck and strong sense of immediate danger did I survive. Now that was just the
    worse move I had ever done. There was a nearby forest of extremely tall trees with creepers coming down from the lowest branches. I ran to it and climb up the
    enormous trees and found all I needed to survive in the canopy.

    I spent many years there; I was alone for the first few years and I cried many times thinking about my wife and my children, my friends, all those people that I
    would never meet again. One day , I met the Birdies, an alien species that had evolve to a very high technological and philosophical level; they had built
    spaceships, visited a number of worlds before landing there and decided that here would be their home from now on. They were telepaths and they helped me
    develop some latent powers that we, humans, would be blessed with in millions of years more of evolution if we survive that long.

    I got younger on that world.

    One day, I started to get those fast disappearing images at the corner of my left eye and I found my way back to Earth; in the same spot and at the same time I
    had left. I realized that the time line on this strange world was perpendicular to our time line so I could go there and spend several years and come back at the
    same time I left. I called it “The Perpendicular World” and made many trips there over the years but not lately, though, I think I lost the ability to do it.

    My wife doesn’t know about my trips to the Perpendicular World and if I had told her, she would not have believed me and she would not have like it. Lise doesn’t
    want anything weird in her life and I respect that.

    Then, we moved to Hilton Head Island, South-Carolina where I became a member of the Palmetto Dunes Club. A fine group of people made that club and I felt
    welcome, I felt at home there.

    I lived a quiet life for a few years, playing golf three days per week and spending time at the gallery the rest of the week. Lise and I had a long walk every night or
    a long bike ride on the firm beach or through the streets of Palmetto Dunes community.

    One day, Lise saw an ad in the local newspaper about a drug dealer auction; the ad mentioned that there were some great masters’ paintings to be auctioned.
    We went to the auction and I found amongst the sculptures an alien artifact! I was a chemist and could tell that the metal it was made of could not be of Earth
    origin. I discovered later on that the artifact was a door to Eden, an artificial world built by a highly advanced species to save some of us before extinction. To
    know more about what happened, please read my short story One step to Eden.

    My life was simple and I enjoyed it but events started to accumulate; I wrote two more short stories: “Dracula” and “Saint-Joseph Castle”. The first one is about
    the Balboars Earth invasion. I was warned in my dream about it and the spirit that contacted me told me about Dracula and his location. That spirit told me we
    needed its help, gave me its location and told me I could reach it using an astral trip. I had to wake up Dracula who was sleeping for a thousand years in his
    hidden castle and convince him to help me fight the Balboars. Please read my short story Dracula.

    The other story Saint-Joseph castle was about a Muslim terrorist group; again I used the powers I developed on the Perpendicular World to find their training
    camp. I was working directly under the President of the USA but I faced Satan the real leader of the Ayatollah Khardani terror group just before the camp was
    destroyed by a USA bomber and I was thrown away, far away, on an evil world. To find out what happened and how I survived and got to Saint-Joseph castle
    and what happened afterword please read my short story.

    There are many more short stories in my website www.galeriesaintpaul.com but  the writing of my Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story trilogy had unpredictible
    consequences that are about to change my life as well as mankind future. I wrote it in Naples Florida, I wrote the trilogy over a period of 4 years and I titled it
    “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story”.

    I wasn’t prepared for writing. I never expected to write a novel one day. I was a chemist graduated from Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada that had
    turned into an artist-painter. Beside I grew up talking French only and I learned the rudiments of English when I moved to the USA in 1992.

    In that story, I was one of the main characters, I had strange dreams at night with images of another world and those dreams were different, they seemed
    real and I heard voices, many voices talking to me at the same time.

    I was contacted by the Guardians, immaterial voyagers; spirits of great power visiting our galaxy. They convinced me to recruit a number of people with special
    qualities for an afterworld odyssey, a mission that would possibly decide the fate of mankind.

    The Guardians had come from the future; they had just visited a very unique and strange world inhabited by many sentient species, amongst them was one that
    showed a rare quality: compassion. That species was mankind, two human colonies of our descendants lived happily on that world; they were the survivors’
    descendants of a spaceship crash landing.

    There was a crystal city on that world left there a million years before by Les Semeurs and that city contained enhancing devices that would transform a species
    into powerful wizards.

    Les Semeurs had left monuments on many life bearing worlds with messages about the crystal city and its enhancing devices and many technologically
    advanced civilizations had found their world but had not yet found the hidden and well protected Crystal City.

    The Guardians tried to communicate with the Humans living on that world but none of them were telepaths. They even tried to transport some of them to the
    Crystal city but a very powerful force prevented them to interfere. So they went backward in time and back to the world of origin, Earth, where they tried to find
    one human with telepathic power. They found none. They went through the centuries and finally found me. My body had been submerged in pulsating magnetic
    fields, three times a week for thirty years and had been changed. I was a telepath.

    They contacted me in my sleep, showing me images of that world and slowly explaining to me the importance of sending there a group of humans with the
    mission to find the crystal city. I would have to recruit special people and The Guardians would catch their souls as they die and take them to that world where
    they would give them a young adult body with additional powers.

    In my story, being one of the characters, I wrote that I thought that the best way to recruit those people was to write a trilogy about that gigantic world and I named
    it “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story”. So in my trilogy, in my novels, I was one of the characters writing the trilogy. Strange right?

    The planet had a low gravity for its size; it was made of layers of worlds separated by miles of rock. There were hidden access to these underworlds and the
    surface of that gigantic world had been transformed into a beautiful park by that ancient species Les Semeurs before they disappeared millions of years ago
    leaving the crystal city and its enhancing devices that would transform a species unit into an immortal with the ability to fly or jump instantly onto other worlds light
    years apart.

    The crystal city was hidden in the Land of Magic and its access was protected by a number of deadly traps; the ancient species obviously wanted to leave the
    enhancing devices to an ingenious and morally sound younger species that once enhanced, would take over the control of the entire galaxy and allow other
    species to mature without fearing destruction or enslavement from more powerful and aggressive ones.

    I told them that I wanted to be one of the recruits; I told them that I didn’t want to go to Heaven and adore God for the rest of the eternity. I had never met him, didn’
    t know about His qualities so how could I like Him, love Him, adore Him…I thought that God being infinitely more intelligent than me would know if I lie so the only
    thing I could tell God was congratulation for your infinitely complex universe; there is so much beauty on Earth and beside thank you God for giving us the women
    and the sexual pleasure and the feelings of love;  yes I could find many things to thank Him for  but spending an eternity to tell Him how much I adore Him, no… I
    very much preferred to risk my life again and try to find that old city. They told me they were not sure that God exist; they never met Him even though they had
    traveled for millions of years and my idea of Heaven was quite amusing.

    They said we would not grow old in our new bodies but we could be killed either accidentally or by aliens or a variety of predators that roamed the surface of that
    world. They would give us some armament, swords, knives, bows, lances and the ability to get into speed under attack and they would give us a sense of
    direction to the crystal city.

    In my story, I kept thinking about it; about the different ways to recruit people without being put into a mental institution and my initial plan to write a trilogy on a
    group of people brought to that world by the Guardians seemed to be the best way to do it. I told the Guardians of my plans and I asked the Guardians to
    influence the ones that would be great candidates, to come to my art gallery. If they buy one of my paintings, I told them, and if I give them the novels, they would
    be recruited. I would be one of the characters in the book, an artist-painter living in Naples, FL.

    I wrote the trilogy over a period of 4 years and the business became real good. It happened in my real in my life and in the story; my real life seemed to be
    influenced by what my character in the story was writing. In the story, the Guardians were influencing a lot of people to come to my art gallery and I gave a lot of
    books but this was happening in my real life as well...

    I wasn’t sure if I was sane though since I had no more contact with the Guardians but that was in the story I wrote; I was mixing up reality with fiction, getting
    confused and over the years, I started to wonder if these contacts truly happened. One thing though, I was very happy. My wife Lise didn’t like it when I was
    talking about Ghama-2 to a potential candidate. She thought I would be laughed at and she didn’t believe that I had been contacted by spirits. I was crazy
    perhaps all mixed up between what happened in my story and what was happening in my real life.

    It came to my mind that perhaps those characters that I created in my trilogy, John, Joan, Father O’Leary, Krishna and many more could actually exist in a
    parallel universe. I thought that God could actually make it real; that God would perhaps create the worlds and the characters of my novels...
    It was foolish right? But it was not so foolish since I met some of my characters on the evil world (read “Saint-Joseph castle”) and it was with their help that I
    escaped from that world and got to the ring world where I met Saint-Joseph and visited his castle and the Admission Office. But then again, that was in one of
    my stories, not in my real life right? I was lost, my mind caught between the adventures I wrote, thinking they really happened. But did they? Was I in
    communication with a double of me from a parallel universe, sharing his adventures and thinking it really happened to me?

    When I wrote the trilogy, I never thought that writing it would change my life and man destiny forever. Here it is, this is how the events started.

                                                                                                                  A New Beginning

    I didn’t know why I was waking up with the intuition that something important just happened. I was waking up from the deepest sleep and that was rare for I
    didn’t sleep very much. I usually wake up four or five times a night to go to the bathroom and then I would walk a few minutes through the condo to prevent my
    night cramps. These inconveniences come with age and at 75 years old, I couldn’t complain. Old age little problems!

    My usual thirty minutes morning workout followed by fifteen minutes jogging weren’t enough to prevent aging. I didn’t want to but I was aging nevertheless. I could
    just slow down the degenerative process. I had not been to the Perpendicular World for a little more than five years; I lost the ability to go there and
    that’s where I have been rejuvenating my body from time to time. I have been aging faster since my last trip there; I hoped I still had an extra twenty years to live;
    that would be time enough to reach my summit as an artist-painter.

    As I was getting up, I looked for my back and legs pain and there was no pain, I felt great, strong with a zest of excitement. Amazingly, I felt 60 years younger.

    My God what was happening to me? I walked to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to prepare my usual tomato sandwich. That’s what I use to eat every
    morning to stay slim. But that morning, I was hungry, ravenous. Perhaps I thought, I could eat steak and eggs as breakfast today. Oh boy, I felt so young, so full of

    There was a note floating over the dining room table…. and, a very strange suitcase set against my chair.

    A note does not float over a table; it is against the law of gravity. I rubbed my eyes, pinched my arm and the note was still floating. I was awake, I knew it; I had
    just pinch my arm and felt some pain. I looked around for this had to be a hoax; somebody might be hiding, pulling on invisible strings to keep the note from
    falling on the table. But there was no one. I would have sensed a presence if there were one. Lise my sweetheart was still sleeping; perhaps I should wake her
    up to show her the impossible note, I thought.

    But she didn’t take weird events easily and she would be afraid. She always tried to forget or ignore them and there had been plenty of them in our life. She
    forgot them quickly, she didn’t want to remember them so it would be better, I thought, that I just take it, read it and hide it.

    What if the note or the case explodes in my face when I grab it? I thought.

    I always had a solid intuition of incoming danger and I didn’t feel threaten by these impossible objects. I seized the note and it came easily into my hand. It was
    weightless and it looked like a paper note but it didn’t feel like paper. Let’s read it, I thought.

    “Dear Richard, The universe is stranger than one could imagine. It is infinitely complex and even we, the enhanced, are fascinated as we discover some sides of
    it. You wrote the Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story trilogy and by doing so, you are responsible for our existence. We are the characters of your books. God might
    have like that story and made it happen in many of the parallel universes. We exist and we have been enhanced to powerful wizards. We are about to leave our
    galaxy for a very long discovery trip but before we do so we wanted to thank you for our existence. We went from one parallel Earth to another to find you. There
    are many copies of you that owe you their existence too and they are all artist-painters and writers so it wasn’t easy. We had to find a world where none of us
    were present and we found you.

    To thank you for our lives we did something to your body; we changed it. We enhanced it but the changes will be gradual. We thought it would be better that way.
    We thought it would suit you more to contribute personally to the development of your powers by the use of meditation, and the acquisition of knowledge and
    personal wisdom. We hope you will use your new talents for the good of everyone. We give you an ultimate spaceship. It is hidden on one of the ten thousands
    islands close to Everglade City. Hilda, an artificial intelligence inhabits its computer and will lay dormant until the day you will be ready to use it.
    We also went back into the time line and made some purchases in your name. You are now the main shareholder of very important companies. The case
    contains your titles. Haverty and Connell who also managed your important assets handled your income taxes. Your identity was kept confidential and we took
    your name out of the richest men on Earth listings. Farewell. Father O’Leary, Nancy, Joan, John, Tom, Laura, Garry, Thetis, Lazarus, Hilda, Richard, Madeleine...”

    Wow! Wooooow! I thought. Unbelievable! My God! My God! That is awesome. That’s why I feel so good, so energetic right now. They enhanced me, not fully
    yet but they put the germ of it into my cells and I will slowly get enhanced to a superman level. Wow! Let’s take a better look at my body and my face.
    Perhaps some of the changes already took place.

    I went back to the bathroom and looked again. My face looked a little bit younger, the bags under my eyes had almost disappeared and my cheeks seemed
    rounder. I looked at my muscular body. There wasn’t much change there; I was already very muscular for my age due to the early morning workout. The skin
    though seemed to have shrunk tighter to my muscles and I looked healthier.

    I took my car keys and went back to the dining room where I grabbed the suitcase and the note and I brought them outside. I was in my pajamas, barefoot,
    but I didn’t want Lise to see them and I couldn’t care less about the neighbors; they were usually not up yet at 6:00AM. I went down the stairs, opened up the
    car and placed them behind the backseat, under a blanket. I didn’t know yet what I should do about the whole situation. There were so many considerations.

    I was very thrilled with my artist career, I was getting into more galleries and one of them, the most recent one was very important. They had just bought 100
    of my paintings and I had signed an exclusivity contract with that gallery owner for London, Paris, Palm Beach and Hollywood. The owners had told me he
    would put my work in museums and would invest heavily in producing an art book and mailing it to thousands of their clients. I knew that these people were
    able to make an international star of me and I was excited.

    My own gallery was doing well too and I had repeated clients that were coming every year to buy some more of my paintings. I also had friendly relationships
    with a number of art gallery owners who were selling my art. Every year, one or two of those art galleries would do a show of my recent work and I would share
    with them the excitement or sorrow coming from a successful show or one that didn’t do so well.

    It was exciting. It was also exciting to move forward financially. There has been thrill and fun in doing things that slowly got me rich and secure. But what fun
    is there when you are suddenly immensely rich? Well, there are some pleasures that come with being rich; a beautiful house, a condo on the seacoast and
    a golf course on the other side of the yard; an expensive and beautiful car, the finest chocolate for nibbling when you look at the TV on the largest possible
    screen. I can add a few more luxuries like trips to Europe and so on. But you rapidly get use to that luxury and soon realize that it doesn’t bring you

    Happiness comes from the satisfaction of doing good things, from loving and being loved in return, from feeling energetic, from doing things outside of the
    house, like gardening, fishing, golfing, walking in the woods, sailing…I don’t do sailing, I don’t know how to do it; but I like to go fishing up north; on a quiet
    lake, far away from the rest of the world and in good company. Not that I do that often for I haven’t been fishing up north for more than 50 years but I would
    have like it if I would have done it again. I like to golf, and I play two to three times a week. I am not really good but good enough to enjoy it. I usually played
    in the mid eighties.

    The first few years since I moved to Hilton Head Island, I played with new guys all the time.  They would come for a week or two and they were gone.
    Sometimes I played two games with the same guys but that was rare. It wasn’t very motivating and when I played a real good game, I had no one to know
    about it or remember it. It was lonely. So I became a member of the Palmetto Dunes Club and I really enjoyed it. Now twelve years have passed since I
    joined the Palmetto Dunes Club and some of the initial members have passed away or stop playing but new ones joined in and I got attached to them too.

    My art gallery is in a good location and I am doing very well contrary to most artists who don’t own a gallery and have to depend on a few galleries to sell their
    art. The problem for those artists is that most galleries carry the work of a great number of artists so they don’t sell many pieces for each one. The galleries
    insist on the exclusivity. So an artist living in his hometown doesn’t get much money, thus the expression starving artists.

    To make up a better income he has to spread out into other cities, visit many galleries that aren’t interested in getting one more artist; it is frustrating, and
    many get discouraged. With much determination I built up my own success and now make a good income out of it.

    To keep my creative energy, I like to walk in the woods. I liked to rock under a starry night sky wondering about the universe. Wondering what kind of people
    might inhabit some of the life sustaining planets that gravitates around those stars. I like to read when I go to bed and I like to dream about the story I just
    read when I get asleep.

    Now, my life had just taken an abrupt change in direction. What will I do? First, I got to know how rich I am and I got to do something about where I live, where
    my children live. For if my name is listed in the next Richest Men on Earth listings, I will become an attractive prey; my wife too, my children, my relatives, we
    are all going to become potential victims for kidnappers. I had a quiet life until now but everything was going to change.

    My God, I am not going to die of old age! I might even live forever! That is if I stay out of danger for I am sure that I am still vulnerable, I am not fully
    enhanced yet. If somebody shoots me in the head or burns my body, or buries me alive, I am gone. I can’t imagine it; I am here on Earth for a very long
    time. I will witness the rise and fall of great countries; perhaps I will witness the ultimate destruction of man on Earth and I might find myself, one day, alone
    on a deserted world. With the thermonuclear bombs and the advance in virus warfare technology, with the Islamic terrorists working on, planning on the
    destruction of the free world; with the dictators running powerful and dangerous countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea and so many African
    and South American countries, how are we going to survive in a world that is worth living in it?
    Now that I have a chance to live forever, the world safety becomes extremely important to me; I would rather die than live alone on a deserted world until the
    end of time if there ever will be one. They said they left me a spaceship, an ultimate spaceship on an island close to Everglades City…I dreamed about a
    fascinating trip to the stars in a spaceship; so many times I dreamed about that; I read so many science-fiction books, sharing in my mind the adventures of
    fictitious heroes…and now I will have one. How big is it? What does it look like?

    “Good morning sweetheart.” I said as Lise came to the kitchen interrupting my daydreaming.

    She had taken the time to brush her hair and refresh her face and she was wearing a bathrobe over her pajamas. She was just impeccable as always.

    “Morning!” She replied looking at me. “What is happening? You look peculiar; your face looks younger; did you do your jogging already?”
    Not much escaped her; she noticed every little thing.

    “I just had a very good night, Lise; that’s why my face looks younger this morning.”

    “It was past midnight when I went to bed.” She said.

    There was a trace of accusation in her voice for she often felt lonely. She had those mood swings regularly; she missed her hometown, the children and the
    grandchildren. She didn’t like to live in Naples, and then Hilton Head Island so far from them. She was born for a routine life, a normal routine life and she
    was somewhat sore at me for having taken her away from Montreal to pursue my artist career in Florida where the money was and where I had a chance to
    build up some financial assets for our golden age.
    I understood that I had not given her the life she wanted but she had met a lot of people and she had been and felt very useful, managing the gallery while I
    was painting in the back studio, talking with the visitors and sometimes coming with me to their homes with a few paintings to try on their walls. We had work
    as a team and she had been a really good team mate. People loved her and trusted her and her excellent taste. She was always very well dressed and
    elegant and she was a very beautiful and a slim woman.

    “Would you like to come with me for a long walk on the beach after breakfast?” I asked.

    “I don’t know; we might not be back in time to open up the gallery.” She said hesitantly.

    I knew she was afraid we might lose some sales if we open up late. She was a worrier and she would still be insecure with two million dollars in bank, which we
    didn’t have until now. And now, according to that note, we were immensely rich but I felt it wasn’t time yet for her to find that out.

    “Not a problem, we have been doing very well these last few years and it is not one late morning opening that will make a difference to our future; beside, I
    feel so good today; I feel like celebrating, I would really like it.”

    “Ok then! I also feel that a long walk on the beach will be good.”

    After her breakfast, we drove to the nearest beach parking lot and started our walk. Lise is a fast walker and I usually have a hard time keeping pace with her
    but not today, I was bursting with energy. We walked companionably and in silence for half an hour.

    “Would you like to look for shark teeth? I asked her when we got midway between the Marriott hotel beach and the rocks. “I will jog in the mean time up to the
    rocks and I will be back in half an hour or so.”

    Those small black shark teeth were her prize item in her shell collection. They were hard to spot and finding one was quite a triumph. Beside looking for
    them was very relaxing to her; she loved to search for things. Sometimes we walked on early evenings on the golf course across the street when there were
    no more players and we looked for golf balls. She always found more of them than me and she walked back to the condo highly satisfied. She was happy to
    have saved us some money…little savings of no importance to me since I hit them all at the driving range but I didn’t tell her that I didn’t play with old balls. I
    didn’t want to break her fun.

    Once, in Naples, we almost walked on a huge alligator as we were trying to find some golf balls; had it wanted it, it would have caught Lise and pulled her into
    the pond. She hadn’t seen it; it laid on the other side of a bush. I told her to move slowly away. Once she did it and was out  of reach, I tried to touch it with
    my golf ball retriever; I never touched it; in a fraction of a second, it had turn its head, grab the retriever without breaking it in its jaws, looked at me and then
    released it. That was a warning. In doing so, it told me that it was aware of our presence and that we should not bother it anymore.

    I left Lise to her shark teeth search and jogged increasingly faster and when I was out of sight, I sprinted. I felt elated; I could not believe I was running at a
    speed that I judged faster than what the best Olympian sprinter could do. I checked my watch, I had long pass the rocks and already twenty minutes had
    gone by.  There was about eight miles of beach from where I had left Lise so I concluded that I averaged a speed of twenty-four miles per hour. To get back
    in the promised thirty minutes, I would have to do even better; I would have to run at thirty-six miles per hour. I wasn’t tired but I was very thirsty and hungry.
    There was a fountain nearby; I spotted it a few minutes before I stopped. I ran towards it, stopped to drink all I could and left at top speed.

    In the mean time, Lise had walk to the rocks instead of looking for the shark teeth; she was hidden when I approached her at a speed close to thirty-five miles
    an hour. It was too late when I saw her; she had already seen me coming at an impossible speed, jumped over the rocks and stop sliding into the sand. My
    jump was ten feet high and about twenty feet long. I walked towards her; she was looking at me, speechless.

    “I am in a terrific shape this morning,” I said with my most disarming smile.

    “Nobody can run that fast and jump 10 feet over the rocks.” She replied, her emotions balancing between fear and incredulity.

    “Don’t worry Lise; I will explain everything when we get back to the condo. But let’s go, I am so very hungry, I need to eat something as soon as possible.”

    We returned to the parking lot without a word. She didn’t know what to think but her intuition was that something real weird was about to happen and she didn’t
    like any of it. Half an hour later we were back at the car, she had the keys as always since she liked to drive; she opened up we sat in and she drove us back
    to the condo. She kept silent and I was wondering exactly what I was about to tell her. Should I tell her the whole thing or just a part of it?

    As soon as I walked inside the condo, I went to the kitchen and drank a few glass of water, and then I took six hamburger steaks from the freezer and put
    them in the microwave to thaw them. I went to take a shower, came back in my underwear and a t-shirt to grill my hamburger steaks. Then I came to the
    dining room with a huge plate loaded with six hamburgers, each one garnished with lettuce, onion and tomatoes’ slices. Lise was looking oddly at me waiting
    for me to tell her what was going on. I ate the six hamburgers and drank three cups of coffee.

    “Lise, our lives are about to change for a much better one.” I said as soon as I finished them. “You saw me running and jumping in an impossible way. Look
    at me, my t-shirt is too large, I am shrinking but my muscles are bulging; my body is changing. It all started last night.”

    “What is happening?” She asked worriedly.

    “Not right now,” I replied, “I have to make a phone call first, I need to get confirmation about something but what I can tell you is that I believe something
    incredibly good for us is about to happen.”

    “We should go to the clinic. What if you have a stroke or a heart attack? You just ate six hamburgers, your body is changing; I see it.”

    “Don’t worry about my health, Lise,” I replied, “I told you very often that I have a strong intuition of coming events and my intuition never lied to
    me. I feel great; there is no need to go to the clinic. I will be fine, I promise you.”

    “You know,” she said “that I had my share of unpredictable events with you. I wanted to live in Laval, close to the rest of the family, but you wanted a more
    adventurous life. I followed you in Florida, but I hated it, then to Hilton Head Island and I hate it too; I need to be with the children, I need to be in my house in

    She was crying and my heart was broken. I took her in my arms and hugged her.

    “We are returning soon; I promise you. I can’t tell you everything right now but I assure you, I am feeling wonderful, better than ever in my life. I am not about
    to die; on the contrary, I am getting younger. Would you mind opening the gallery this morning? I would like to go to bed and take a nap.”

    “No, I will stay here.”

    “All right Lise, it isn’t that important anymore, I will explain to you everything in a couple of days.”

    I went to bed, and laid down bare listening to my body. I intentionally forgot everything else as I plunge into a yoga trance, and I saw without really seeing,
    millions of tiny cells with multiple extremities working on my body cells. They were tiny organic robots, they had spread everywhere and they were
    transforming my cells. I saw some strange flows of energy, complicated transformations of my cells as these tiny organic robots were working in and out of
    the pulsating cellular membranes. There were whole areas where the cells had been transformed to a totally different structure. The flow of nutrients and
    oxygen to these cells had stop and the cells were luminescent. There were some electrical exchanges between them and these cells looked more
    crystalline than organic.
    The transformed cells were alive, bursting with life and infinitely more complex than the rest of untransformed ones. I saw a group of cells being transformed
    and shrunk to one third of their original size.

    I felt hunger; I needed to eat again; I felt a craving for garlic, onions, green pepper, orange juice, meat; I was starved by the ongoing transformation. It came
    to my mind that when the transformation would be completed, I would have shrunk to a midget size if I did not sustain my body through the ingestion of an
    enormous amount of food. Moreover, I needed to exercise all the muscles of my body to ensure an harmonious physical appearance. Finally, I came to the
    conclusion that when the transformation would be over, the millions of organic robots would be integrated to the transformed cells.

    I knew intuitively that I could transfer millions of them to Lise with one intimate kiss or sexual discharge and I needed to do it now or I would find myself
    without a companion forever. I would see my sweetheart grow old and die and I would find myself alone. I got up and went back to the living room where Lise
    was reading.

    “Richard, you have been in bed for about three hours, how do you feel?”

    “I feel ravenous and I need to eat again and do some work-out. But first, we have to talk. Look at me; I lost all my body fat, look at my face…do you see any

    “You look younger, you got more hair, your hair is growing and the roots are brown…”

    “Now look at my gum.” I said as I pulled out my top denture.

    She looked at it and touched the bumps.

    “My teeth are growing back; that denture will be useless at the end of the day. Lise, I am getting younger. In a few days I will look just as young as Francis. I
    will have a life to live again; a very long life and I would like you to live it with me. I would like you to be young again. I don’t want to see you grow old and die.
    Would you be my companion and share that new life with me?”

    “How could that happen? How can you make me young? I know that it is impossible; everything that is happening now is impossible; I must be dreaming.”

    “No Lise, what is happening is God will. God wanted it to happen; otherwise it would not happen. I can give you the fountain of youth with one kiss, a sensual,
    tongue touching kiss.”

    She looked at me, wondering about the implication of getting young again.

    “You will never feel insecure again, you will feel confident, powerful, bright and intensely alive and beside that, I promise you, we will sell the gallery and
    return to Montreal inside of one month.”

    She came into my arms and we kissed and we felt the transfer of millions of microscopic organic robots from my body to hers.

    “I felt it, something came into me.” Lise said. “Are you sure it will be safe? That thing, whatever it is, that came from you might not work in me.”

    “No, no, don’t worry; in a day or two, perhaps much less, perhaps a few hours from now, you will start feeling much better, better than you can remember. Let’s
    eat now I am so hungry.”

    I went to the refrigerator and took out all the steaks, the hamburger steaks, the pork chops, the lamb chops, the breads and started to thaw some of it and eat
    it raw.

    “Don’t you think it is dangerous to eat raw meat?” Lise asked, watching me.

    “I am loaded with microscopic organic robots,” I replied between mouthfuls, “they are transforming my body, eliminating the bacteria and viruses as they
    work on my cells, I am safe, I can eat anything; nothing wrong will happen to me.”

    I ate twenty pounds of meat, a dozen eggs, two loaves of bread, a dozen tomatoes, two green peppers, a bag of lettuce and drank a pint of orange juice. I
    finished my meal with two pounds of cheese and some more orange juice.

    My belly was so big that I looked pregnant.

    “All right,” I said finally, “I will make a phone call to get some numbers confirmed and we will plan our immediate future.”

    “Who do you want to call Richard?”

    “Haverty and Connel! It is an accounting and a finance consultant firm and a broker firm. They have managed my assets and did my income tax reports
    every year for the last thirty years. Apparently, we are rich and I want to find out how rich we are.”

    “I never heard about them,” Lise said, “I know how tough the last twenty five years were; Hilton Head Island lost most of its visitors as the Midwest was partially
    destroyed by Hurricanes and Tornados. Most of our clients were from Ohio, Kansas when we moved there ; we have been through tough years;  there were
    the wars, the stock market crashes, we had problems to make the ends meet; you don’t have any more assets than the ones I know of and you never had
    your assets managed by that firm.”

    “Let me make that phone call, darling and I will explain everything that is happening right now and we will make some plans.”

    I took my cell phone and asked the operator for their New York head office.

    “Hi, may I speak to the president, please and first would you tell me his name?”

    “His name is Donald Haverty; who is calling and why do you want to speak to Mr. Haverty?”

    “My name is Richard Riverin, and I believe I am your biggest client.”

    “Just a moment please.”

    “Mr. Riverin, how are you doing?” An elderly man in a sophisticated voice asked.

    “I am doing very well, how long has it been since we met?” I knew we had never met.

    “We met in March as we have been doing every year for the last thirty years or so.” Mr. Haverty replied.

    “All right, I would like to know the approximate value of my assets, just a ballpark figure.”

    “You are presently the second richest man on Earth with assets over one hundred billion dollars.”

    “Does anyone know about me?” I asked.

    “I kept your file in my office and nobody here knows about you; what surprises me though is that your name is in the IRS and Washington District files as well
    as all the income tax reports we have prepared for you and yet your name didn’t come out in the Fortune 500 and all the listings published every year. That
    is just impossible.”

    “When are these listings produced usually?”

    “They usually come out in June or July.”

    “I guess that my name will be in the next issues and there will be a lot of talking about the best kept secret in the financial world. The journalists and reporters
    will be calling you and they will try to find out as much as they can about me. Please tell them that I just wanted to live a private life. I will move to a new
    location and I will be in touch with you shortly.”

    “We need to meet and discuss the 2018 tax report. We only have one month left before the filing date limit.” Mr. Haverty said.

    “All right, let’s meet in two weeks here in Hilton Head if possible.”

    “I will reserve a suite at the Marriott Hotel,” Mr. Haverty said, “and put Friday morning 8:00AM for a business breakfast. We will have a lot to cover up and we
    need three days to finish the filings. I will bring with me two of our consultants and three secretaries to prepare the filings and have you sign them on the spot.”

    “Excellent I will see you in two weeks then, good bye.” I said to end the exchange.

    “Good bye.”

    “Lise, we are rich!”

    “How rich? Shoot the numbers; you are bursting with the envy to tell me.”

    “We are so rich, we can buy anything we want, a castle in Spain or the most beautiful house in Montreal, anything you want Lise, you get it. We have assets
    in excess of one hundred billion dollars.”

    “That’s impossible, I have been with you all these years and more often than not, we had financial problems and if we had been rich at any time we would
    have pack our suitcases and return to live in Montreal.”

    I know”I said, “but somebody that could travel in time, purchased shares under my name over the last thirty years from rapidly growing companies; that
    person also hired an accounting firm to manage my assets and file the income tax return every year in the USA. He also got for you and me an American
    citizenship. This way, we have been kept legal in both countries.”

    “And who is that somebody?”

    “He is my exact copy, his name is also Richard Riverin but he came from an alternate Earth, he came from a parallel universe; he said that he is one of the
    characters in my "Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story" trilogy and when I wrote the story I gave life to him and the rest of the emissaries. Now they are about to leave
    their alternate galaxy and they wanted to thank me for creating them. So, they traveled from one parallel universe to another in search of the original writer.
    They found me and they gave me a parting gift.”

    “That is such a farfetched story Richard! You know that I don’t like anything related to Science fiction; how could you have created them? Do you now believe
    that you are God?”

    “No Lise; I don’t think that I am God; but apparently, God sometimes create the worlds or the universes a writer is dreaming of. Or perhaps, we are, all of us,
    tiny particles of God, part of his fabric and when we write about strange but interesting worlds and aliens, we are in fact creating them.”

    “So when did you meet that copy of you? And the rest of those Emissaries? The characters of your novels?”

    “I didn’t meet them,” I said, “they came here while we were asleep and they did something to me. They transformed my body or should I say they started the
    transformation process, injecting in me millions of very small organic robots that are working on my cells, the two billion or so of my cells, making them
    something else, each one of my cells is being turned into a complex unit of intelligent life. Each transformed cell is drawing its energy from the cosmos,
    each of the transformed ones is able to do things that I can’t yet imagine and is bound to the other ones, working with them as a team, to support and serve
    my soul.”

    “My God, I must still be dreaming, that is total nonsense.”

    “I got proof of it,” I said, “they left me a suitcase full of share certificates, bank checks and bank statements, visas, and a weightless note.”

    “And where did you put that suitcase?”

    “In the car, under the blanket. Wait for me; I will get it right now.”

    I went to the car to retrieve the big suitcase and brought it to the condo.

    “Look at the suitcase Lise; have you ever seen something like that?” I said proudly.

    “It looks very ancient,” Lise said, “and yet it is clean; the material looks like leather but when I touch it, it doesn’t feel like leather. The suitcase isn’t heavy, I
    can lift it easily.”

    “Open it; there is a weightless note inside.” I replied.

    Lise opened it and looked through a number of neatly organized files, the note, held in between two of the files, floated upward when she moved the files.
    She caught it and read it.

    “Wow! Unbelievable! You created the characters of your book and now these people found you, transformed you in a kind of an immortal superman, made
    you rich and left you with an ultimate spaceship hidden on one the nearby islands.”

    “Yes!  And now you will soon be an immortal superwoman Lise. You will never worry again about our financial insecurity or health problems; I will never have
    a stroke or a heart attack, neither will you and soon we will start discovering and improving our new powers.”

    “Can you imagine what will happen when people find out about us and about our spaceship?” She said.

    “I think we must hide our special abilities and immortality and nobody should know about the spaceship either. They will find out though that we are amongst
    the richest couples on Earth and that is also dangerous for us, our children and relatives. We could be trapped, buried alive forever, perhaps destroyed even
    when we will have completed our transformation and right now, with our incomplete transformation, we are still quite vulnerable.”

    “People will envy us, some will hate us and quite a few will want to kidnap us or our children, relatives and friends for a ransom.” Lise commented “We might
    have received a poisoned gift; now we will never live the easy normal life that I was hoping to live one day, for so long.”

    “You are right, we will not live that kind of easy, uneventful and secure life for the time being but it would have been a short one and you would have still felt
    insecure. We would have aged rapidly to a point when we would have become a burden for our children and we would have died.”

    “We got to do something about protecting our children and our relatives.” Lise said. “But what should we do?” She went on. “They have a life to live; we can’t
    just tell them, stop living your life, you are rich now, just enjoy it. They need to go through some hardship and realize some projects, they need to build their
    self-esteem and also become worthy of heaven.”

    “Yes, you are right about that Lise. Why don’t we go back as soon as our transformation seems to be completed? We can buy a land on a golf course near
    Hudson City about fifteen miles from Montreal, and build on it a group of beautiful houses for our children, our relatives and us. There would be a fence all
    around and a private entrance for that grouping of houses so that no ill intentioned strangers would be able to break in one of the houses. We would put
    bulletproof windows, metal doors, and a sophisticated alarm system. The houses would be bought by one of my companies and everyone would have their
    mail delivered to a postal box. None of us would have a traceable address.

    We would buy an art gallery for Francis downtown Hudson and spend enough money on publicity to keep it busy. That’s his dream you know. He would work
    there under another name; your family name instead of mine should do it. We would also open a fitness and sport therapy center for Veronique right beside
    Francis gallery. We would ask Genevieve what she would like to do; if she wants to keep her actual work at the software firm that’s fine but we would buy the
    firm so that she would own it.”

    “That might be a good plan,” commented my sweetheart, “yet, we will have to discuss it with them. But what about us? What will we do?” Lise asked.

    “Well, let’s find out what kind of super human we will evolve to; we might become geniuses but even if our intelligence doesn’t improve to that level, I am sure
    that we will have a younger brain and we will have a great learning ability. I believe I would like to go back to university and learn as much as I can about how
    things work. We don’t have to work for a living anymore so we might as well learn. I would like to visit the world and be able to talk the language of the
    countries I will be visiting. Perhaps we can help people somehow, be useful…we will find something… and we have all the time, we have eternity.”

    Lise is five feet four inches tall and weight one hundred and ten pounds; she doesn’t carry a pound of fat in that beautiful body. She is seventy years old; she
    grew up in a small city up north of Montreal with one sister and three brothers. Her father was a locksmith and made just enough money to raise them. They
    were poor but they manage. Her mother was cultured and a devoted Christian. Lise went to college and got a nursing certificate. She was still in college when
    I met her. I had just graduated from Sherbrooke University with a BSC in Chemistry and found a job as a chemist for Laurentide Paints in the small town of
    Shawinigan. At that time, I was five foot nine inches high and weighted one hundred and forty pounds. I was good looking and cultured. I had already read
    everything I could about Yoga, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, sciences and I was practicing judo and martial arts two nights a week in a judo school
    downtown Shawinigan.

    It was love at first sight for me; I met her and I knew she was the one for me. I met her in a dancing bar where she was sitting with her aunt. I invited her for a
    dance then sat with them for a while. The aunt left us alone and I walked her back to her parents’ apartment. It was a long walk, we talked and I told her I had
    serious intentions towards her and I already had decided to marry her. Ridiculous isn’t it? She looked at me in the eyes and realized I was serious. The
    courtship lasted two years and I married her as soon as she turned twenty-one years old.

    Lise had been a very good mother for my children and a faithful and most comforting companion for me. She always attached much importance for the way
    she looks and she was always perfectly dressed and presentable, even at home. The house was tidy and perfectly clean at all time. She was a devoted
    mother and wife and I was sure that if there was a Heaven, she would have a good place there waiting for her.

    She had quite a temper at times but she was never violent or mean. She was a worrier and sometimes quite depressed but I loved her presence, her
    weakness and her strength; in fact I loved everything about her.

    For my part I was an imperfect man but I don’t like to speak about my imperfections; I rather enjoy boasting about my good sides. I wasn’t a drunk and I had
    been a good father, who spent endless hours playing with my children and taking them everywhere they would have a good time. I also taught them to ski, to
    skate and to play games. I had and still have a good relationship with all three of them and I love them very much. We also have grand children, Simon and
    Karianne from Genevieve, they are 14 and 12 years old. We have Arielle from Francis she is eight years old and we have Alexander from Veronique who is
    3 years old. Lise often babysit the youngest ones when we are in canada. They are all wonderful and we love them.

    “Let’s go to the grocery Lise, we got to buy a lot of food.” I proposed.

    “If you don’t mind,” she said, “I would rather go back to bed. I feel strange and I need to think things over.”

    She went to bed and I started to do some workout. My belly was protruding but not impairing it. I did all possible exercises and went back to the beach for
    another hour of jogging. When I came back to the condo, Lise was sound asleep so I laid down on the sofa and a moment later I was asleep too.
    When I woke up, I was ravenous and my belly was flat. It was eight PM and I had slept since mid-morning. I felt very energetic and Lise was standing by the
    dining room window looking at the lake.

    “Richard, how do you feel?” Lise asked.

    “I feel very energetic and very hungry.”

    “And so do I.” She retorted. “Take a shower and let’s celebrate, let’s have dinner in the best restaurant around.”

    “That will be at the Santa Fe and I will be ready in a moment. So how do you feel, Lise, do you sense any change in your body?” I asked her as I came out
    showered and well dressed for our evening.

    “Oh yes, it is working. I don’t remember having felt so happy, comfortable, confident and optimistic. I feel great and so much younger.”

    “All right! I was afraid I would be the only one of my kind but I doubted that the Emissaries would do that to me. Perhaps we will find ourselves able to
    rejuvenate older people or cure the sick ones, healing might well be one of our powers later on.”

    “I wouldn’t be surprised about that since a number of people have that power without any enhancement.” She replied.

    “You are more beautiful.  The pockets under your eyes are gone and it is true, you look twenty years younger.” I finished taking her in my arms. I hugged her
    and kiss her with some renewed sexual attraction. It had been a few years since we had mated for the last time.

    She looked at me and she knew that a new fire was burning in me and I sensed her answer.

    “When we come back from dinner, we are going to reacquaint ourselves.” She said.

    We walked to the restaurant; it was only fifteen minutes away. We were brought to a table, on an exterior balcony with a view on a marsh and a part of the golf

    “What will it be for you? Asked the waiter in a most distinguish tone after the few minutes he had left us go through the menu.

    “My wife will have a salmon; not a salmon steak; she wants the full salmon or what is left of it. She will have four baked potatoes to go with it and a full Cesar
    salad. I will take your 16 ounces steak, four of them, rare, with four baked potatoes and a full Cesar salad. Also, please bring two bottles of your finest red

    “Let me check what we have,” replied the waiter, “and I will be right back.”

    “What is left of the salmon is about twelve pounds and our best wine is one thousand dollars a bottle.” The old waiter said hesitantly when he came back.

    “That will do.” I said with a smile.

    Later on he came back with a small table on which he put the whole salmon plate and my four steaks plate, a large bowl of baked potatoes and a large bowl
    of Cesar salad. He opened up one of the wine bottle with great care, had me taste it and approved it and then filled up the glasses. Then he cut a piece of
    the salmon and set it on Alicia’s plate; he then proceeded to transfer one of the four steaks on my plate, took a look at us, noticed our flat bellies and left
    wishing us a good meal.

    We took our time, enjoying every bite of it. My steak was served with a sauce au poivre on the side; the bread was just out of the oven; it was delicious. Yet
    when I finished it, I was still hungry; so I started to help Alicia with the salmon. We noticed that our huge serving had attracted the attention of all the servers
    and the people sitting within sight of our table.

    None of them could understand the quantity of food we were eating; without even looking fat in addition. But the microscopic robots working all over our
    bodies, were transforming the food into cells as we were eating it, so we never felt saturated. Once we had cleaned out our plates, the server came back.

    “Would you like anything else? Anymore wine?” He asked uncertainly.

    At a thousand dollars a bottle, he could visualize how much fifteen per cent tip was going to end up to. But the wine had no effect on us; it was delicious

    “No, but we would like your famous dessert, the chocolate profiteroles, 5 desserts for each of us with coffee, regular coffee, a lot of coffee.”

    We cleaned that up too and the waiter came back with the addition. I threw a look at it, two thousand eight hundred forty dollars; the bulk of it being the two
    bottles of wine. I added ten thousand dollars tip and the elderly waiter look at the zeros twice…

    “Oooh my God! Thank you so much.” He said offering me his hand. I shook it, wishing him comfort silently and something happened…I felt it; some kind of
    energy flew from my body to his. The elderly waiter sensed an incredible amount of energy being transferred to him. I waited a moment and then freed his

    The elderly waiter looked at me in awe.

    “Thank you for the tip and what you just did to me. May I ask you a question?”

    “Yes go ahead.”

    “Are you guys, angels, or aliens? Your hand is hard as stone; you ate so much and it doesn’t show; and now you gave me some weird energy…and you look
    so powerful…”

    “Yesterday, we were still humans.” I replied. “We are now being changed into some kind of super beings; it is a long story. Please keep what you saw and
    what I said confidential.”

    “I will.” He promised as we left the restaurant.

    “That spaceship,” Lise commented as she was driving us back, “you must be dying of curiosity to find it and have a look at it. And I do too. Any idea how we
    will find it?”

    “I have no clue yet but something tells me that once we are ready, once we have reached most of our powers, we will find it easily. I also have a foreboding
    thought that it might well be dangerous to find it now.”

    “Then, let’s take our time; let’s not rush anything for now.”

    We returned to the condo, took a shower and went to bed where we made love eagerly, and it was good; it had been years since last time for we had both lost
    interest in it but now we felt young again and the hormones or what was replacing them was there.

    “I wonder,” I said, “if we will retain any sexual urge once our cells will be totally transformed. What we had tonight might have been a last call.”

    “You know what?” Lise said, “I have the intuition that the Emissaries planned this urge to mate. What if they set me up so that I get pregnant one last time
    before our cells get totally transformed?”

    “Wow! That would be fantastic I would love to have a baby in the house again and this intuition of yours might have been enhanced already to an ability to
    foresee the future.”

    “The idea just fleeted in my mind,” she replied, “just like a message from someone or from those organic robots that are working on our cells.”

    “Now that you spoke about it, I have this weird intuition too. I believe you might be right and I would not be surprised a bit if the baby comes out in record
    time;” I commented “let’s make a bet…I would say one month at the most.”


    “Because we are still too vulnerable. We got to be transformed as quickly as possible. We are legacy, a legacy given to Earth by the Emissaries and they
    surely planned it to last.”

    “Then we got to be prudent in whatever we do,” Lise said, “We got to stay here until the transformation is complete. No airline flight for the moment or long
    distance driving; let’s just wait it out in maximum security.”

    “Yes, let’s do that but for now, I need to do some exercise; what about you?” I replied.

    “Yes Richard, let’s go jogging on the beach.”

    We put on our bathing suits and went to the beach. It was nighttime dark there but we already had a much better vision and we went jogging side by side at
    an easy twenty-five miles an hour speed. When we were back in front of the parking lot, we did all kind of workout in the sand and finally went back to the
    condo. We immediately went to bed and in moments only we were sound asleep.

    “My God, you have a little bulge already; your intuition was right, you are pregnant.” I said a few mornings later.

    “Only four days after we made love Richard; at that speed I will have them before the end of next week.”

    We had not mated since that last call, experiencing zero sexual urges; but we felt incredibly vital, bursting with energy. I had not opened the gallery since I
    found out I was a billionaire. We had spent most of our time, at the municipal library or at the condo reading and learning all we could about a great variety of
    subjects. I was reading and learning at an incredible speed remembering everything. I could rewrite an entire page of an 800 pages book on chemistry the
    following day and I would not miss a word.

    I started with Chemistry to catch up with the fifty years of new discoveries since I received my bachelor degree at Sherbrooke University. Beside, I had
    forgotten much of what I had learned. Now I didn’t need a teacher; I could understand everything I read; it all looked so simple. I just had to glance at a page
    and I could remember everything that was written on that page and I could understand all the complex formulas.

    Lise was reading about history, ancient and recent. She wanted to acquire the ability to forecast coming events since history has a way to repeat itself over
    and over again with slight changes, here and there. It took her just two days before she switched into political sciences. Now she was going through a number
    of Law books.

    We did not sleep, we did not need it anymore; so we worked out, we jogged, we ate a lot and we read all day long.

    One day, we went to the driving range. I showed Lise the technique I had developed over the years that had helped me maintain a low handicap in spite of
    my back pain and old age. She caught it up quickly and we hit a few hundred balls with our irons. We were hitting our long irons over three hundred yards
    when we switched to our metal woods, ending the practice with our drivers. We didn’t know how far we were hitting them, for our balls were falling way past the
    last driving range flag. I estimated my longest drives to be about six hundred yards.

    Then we went to the first tee to play a game where the starter matched us with another twosome; two guys, businessmen, in their forties.

    “Hi, my name is Richard and this is Lise.” I said offering my hand.

    “Hi, I am Robert, nice to meet you.”

    “Hi, I am Charles, nice to meet you.”

    We shook hands with them making sure we were not squeezing it. They were both tall and seemed to me in top shape. In our case, it was hard to guess our
    age; Lise looked to be in her late thirties and seven to eight months pregnant. In my case, I still had a few lines in my face, very thick golden hair and the
    body of a young super athlete.

    “We are playing the blues, sixty-eight hundred yards, what about you?” Charles asked.

    “We will play the back tees, the gold.” I replied, noticing his surprised expression.

    “What’s your handicap?” Robert asked suddenly very interested.

    “Lise doesn’t have an handicap since she never played more than a few holes and that was years ago. But we just practiced for a couple of hours so she
    should do well. In my case, I used to be a low handicap but I have the feeling that I will be hot today.”

    Lise went to the back tee and hit an incredibly long drive. It was a six hundred yards long par five and she hit it at fifty yards from the green. It was very funny
    to watch Charles and Robert expression as they witnessed the impossible. I followed up with a perfect drive on the green, a six hundred yards drive…

    Their facial expression was changing from incredulity to the beginning of fear. They were businessmen, down to Earth guys, who wouldn’t accept
    unexplainable and impossible events. I also guessed that these two guys were atheists.

    “Don’t take it hard guys,” I said, “we aren’t ordinary people, I will admit that; but we were born from ordinary people like you. Besides that, we are very friendly
    and happy.”

    “But what you both did is impossible.” Charles said.

    “It was impossible until now, I will admit that,” I replied happily, “but things are changing, aren’t they? Many of the things we do today would have been
    considered as miracles two thousand years ago. Advanced technology was used to improve our bodies; that’s all. We are guinea pigs, the first ones ever
    enhanced through that advanced technology.”

    I didn’t mention that the people that enhanced our bodies were the characters of my fiction novels though.

    “Astounding!”  “Incredible!” “Awesome!” Were the comments of our two golf partners as the game went through. We finished the game with respective scores
    of 51 and 60.

    “You have played an awesome game Lise, 60, 12 under par, and this was your first eighteen holes ever.” I commented.

    “You did even better, Richard! It was a very pleasant experience we ought to do it again.”

    We shook hands again with our golf partners and wished them the best of luck. They had played in the seventies both of them and they were very happy of
    their own performances. They were also relishing in advance the golf story they were going to tell to all their friends.

    Three weeks have passed now since I found the floating note telling me that I had been given the fountain of youth. My body had changed every day, getting
    firmer, then heavier and stronger. My teeth had grown back in the first three days. It took less than twenty-four hours for my hair to form a very dense golden
    brown mane. I asked Lise to give me a haircut but the scissors would not cut the hair. She tried our two scissors and the electric clipper but she could not cut
    even one hair. So I had to make a ponytail in the back of my neck. Fortunately the hair stop growing and the length was just right to give me an artist look.

    I was looking like a very handsome Hollywood actor in his twenties. My body was thin, perfectly shaped without the bulging masses of a weight lifter and yet I
    looked extremely strong and fit. All those pounds of meat and vegetable had been transformed into whatever the organic robots were transforming my cells

    One day, I checked my weight with our bathroom scale and the needle went right off the limit. I took it again on a bigger scale at the grocery store; it also went
    right off the six hundred pounds limit. On an impulse, I tried to weigh less and I saw the needle go down. I kept trying and it went right down to zero. My God! I
    thought as I started to levitate over the scale. I checked if there was anyone seeing me, there was no one. I went a little higher and then I tried to induce some
    weight and I fell down hard on the scale.

    “So now you are about to tell me that you can fly?” Lise asked half seriously.

    She had been waiting for me when she saw me going for the scale.

    “You know what?” I replied, “I might be able to when I get the knack of it. But for now, I just wanted to find out how come I ate about six hundred pounds of
    meat and vegetables in the past three weeks and nothing came out. The organic robots must have transformed all of it and that’s why I am so heavy. Why
    don’t you try it too?”

    She went on the scale and found out that she was five hundred and sixty pounds heavy; she weighted less than I; she tried to be lighter to no avail.

    “I guess, I am a little behind you in my transformation.” She said, “Perhaps the organic robots are waiting for me to give birth before final transformation.”

    “It makes sense and I wouldn’t be surprised if you give birth in the next two or three days, judging by the speed at which your belly got to the present size.”

    “What name will we give them?” She asked with a smile.

    “Them? You mean you have twins? A boy and a girl?”

    “Yes, a boy and a girl and I sense their presences right now.” She replied.

    “Wow! Twins! Just like last time. That is incredible and marvelous. I am so anxious to have them. Now about the name, let’s see…what about Emiss and
    Arries? After all the Emissaries gave them to us. This way if we call them, Emiss, Arries come here…we will be calling for our unmet friends.”

    “Richard, you are so brilliant and yet so crazy; I wonder how you managed to write this trilogy.”My sweetheart replied.

    “The trilogy was crazy, I will admit that. It would have never won a literary award but God liked it and he created this parallel universe where my characters
    live. The whole situation is the craziest we could ever imagine. Could you ever imagine we were to become superman and superwoman and now we will have
    a legacy; our children will most probably be transformed into super beings in turn and if I follow the logic of those emissaries, their true transformation will not
    happen before our boy get a woman pregnant and our girl gets pregnant. Many generations later, there will be thousands of us protecting Earth people from
    self-destruction or alien invasion. That’s the legacy the Emissaries gave us sweetheart.”

    “All right” Lise concluded, “Emiss and Aries (Harry’s); that’s rather cute and unique; that will be their name then.”

    We walked into the grocery and bought a few hundred pounds of meat and vegetable but I didn’t select anything for myself. I wasn’t hungry, neither was I
    thirsty, I just felt extremely energetic and comfortable. We came back home where I prepared and served a huge meal to Alicia. I ate nothing nor drank
    anything that night. We watched the news and then went back to our intensive reading. We had a thirst for knowledge, a newly discovered passion that could
    be only explained by the fact that we understood everything we read; even the most complicated mathematical or chemical reactions and we remembered
    everything we read. It was like we suddenly had a computer in our body with unlimited memory bank. Lise went on eating every two hours, filling herself with
    huge amount of food. As for myself, I did not eat anything and didn’t feel any hunger.

    “I think I will have the babies now.” Lise said next morning. “Shouldn’t we go to the hospital so that our babies get birth certificates and American citizenship?”

    “You are right, let’s go.”

    We went to the nearest hospital and once there, Lise was taken to her room. A short time later a female doctor came for an examination and Lise let go at
    that moment. The doctor didn’t have much to do; the first baby came out; the doctor pulled her out, the baby took her first breath and smiled with all her teeth
    flashing. Then came Aries, he also took a deep breath and smiled happily. The doctor called a nurse and moments later the umbilical ropes had been cut
    and the babies were in Alicia’s arm.

    “I have never seen babies coming out so easily, taking their first breath without a slap, their eyes wide open and smiling to the world. Besides that, I have
    never seen babies with teeth.” Said the good doctor.

    “Thank you doctor,” Lise said, “if you could just fill up the birth certificates, we would like to return to the condo immediately.”

    “But this is not the normal procedure, “the good doctor replied, “We always keep the babies for observation for a few days and the mother for a minimum of
    twenty-four hours in case of any complication.”

    “I will be more than happy to sign a discharge of any responsibility to you and the hospital and Richard will hand you a check of $20,000.00 for your good
    services as well as another check of the same amount to the hospital for our one hour stay.”

    I pulled out the checkbook from my suitcase, filled the checks up and handed them over to the good doctor.

    “Here they are,” I said, “please make it easy for us. As you can see the mother is in top shape, as well as the babies.”

    “Well, let me check first the babies pulse and blood pressure; I also have to take the placenta out and do a proper examination of the mother.”

    “Go ahead doctor; please do whatever you have to do.”

    The doctor took the babies pulse and their blood pressure; looked at their eyes and mouth.

    “The babies are in perfect condition.” She said.

    Then she looked at Lise intimate part.

    “You are hard as stone,” the good doctor said trying to get to the placenta. “There is no blood; the umbilical ropes I knotted are gone. What in the world is
    happening here?”

    “My body pulled the umbilical ropes back and transformed them as well as the placenta into useful cells,” Lise said, “there is nothing to worry about; we have
    been enhanced to superman level through the use of advanced technology and we would like you to keep that confidential.”

    The good doctor was silent not knowing what to do.

    “My body is firming up very rapidly now that the babies are safely out,”Lise said, “and if you would like an additional proof, please try to give me an injection.”

    The doctor did not move for a moment then took a syringe and tried to inject a calming drug in Alicia’s arm. The needle broke. The doctor took another one
    and tried again and the needle broke again.

    “You see, there is nothing you can do for me, since you can’t even perforate my skin and you don’t need to do anything; Richard can certainly take care of
    me if there would be a need to do something.”

    “All right, I will do the paperwork and be back in a few minutes.” The good doctor said as she left the room.

    Twenty minutes later we were back to the car with the two babies. We stopped at the grocery to buy some milk and baby food and quickly went back to the
    condo to feed them.

    The day after, I left for my meeting with Mr. Haverty at the Marriott hotel. I didn’t know what he looked like but I thought I would know when I get there. They
    were sitting in the restaurant and a look at them instantly told me which one was Haverty. I had been attentive to the people body language for many years
    and now with my perfect vision and an enhanced brain, it was much easier.

    “Hi Mr. Haverty.”

    “Hi Mr. Riverin.” He replied. “You have changed since last time but there is that unmistakable aura that identifies you.”

    We went through the agenda and I approved and signed all the already prepared documents.

    “So I am the main shareholder of that electric car company that owns the new Zion batteries technology.” I commented.

    “Yes and it is taking over the market that was lost by the big three car manufacturers when they went under. It will probably become the biggest and the
    richest company in the United States.” Mr. Haverty said with much enthusiasm.

    “Can I fire the president and replace him if I wish to?” I asked.

    “Certainly, you can do that at the annual shareholders meeting.” Mr. Haverty replied hesitantly.

    “Don’t worry, I don’t have such intention; I just wanted to know in case I decide to modify the company’s orientation or add a line of flying cars with antigravity

    “That technology doesn’t exist yet.” Mr. Haverty said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if you bring it up. That might well change the world…”

    “I believe I can bring even more drastic changes to the world, like small fusion generators to power all the houses and manufactures of the world, eliminating
    the need for petroleum or coal combustion. I also intend to develop large-scale air purifiers to clean up the planet atmosphere and develop a technology
    that will allow us to control the weather, transforming deserts into prairies, eliminating famine. So I would like you to buy for me the controlling shares, voting
    shares of the companies that I could use to manufacture the fusion generators or very large airplanes.”

    “I will do that,” Mr. Haverty said, “but I have to warn you about the political problems you will be facing when you start changing the world. There might be

    “Don’t worry, I know. My wife and I have been studying history and politics the last few days. We went through the laws and we remember all of them. When we
    make the moves, we will be ready to face everything the corrupt leaders and politician will throw at us.”

    We parted on that note, shaking hands and I returned to the condo. The following week, I called the owner of a nearby art gallery with whom I had done good
    business many years ago; she had to close her Jacksonville art gallery but reopened a new one later on. We had kept doing business more recently. I
    wanted to offer her to buy my art gallery. She was quite hesitant and I realized that she was a little too old to manage two art galleries but seemed to be eager
    to make an additional income if she could. I asked her to come over and meet with my managers and talk about the whole deal. She accepted immediately
    and we made an appointment for the following day. We met at a nearby restaurant.

    “Hi Jennifer,” I said as she walked to the gallery.

    “Hi sir, forgive me if I don’t recognize you, I have an appointment with Richard.”

    “But I am Richard; I just turned younger and stronger.”

    I must have been convincing since she hesitated between her intuition that I was the old Richard she had met many times over and the impossibility of the

    “Look at me in the eyes and listen to your heart,” I said, “do you think that I am who I claim to be? Do you need me to repeat some of our previous
    conversations or tell you about the phone call you once made from a restaurant to a client we had just left in Punta Gorda offering a deal on the other
    painting he and his wife liked?”

    “I believe you, what happened to you?”

    “I was enhanced by a powerful alien wizard, I was rejuvenated and made stronger but it is still me. I have many things to do now and I can’t manage the art
    gallery anymore so this is why I want to sell it.”

    “I would like to buy it but I am not rich, I would have to borrow some money from my bank…”

    “All right let me show you what I have and the sales we did over the last five years.”

    I brought her to the gallery and introduced her to my two managers Lynn and Nova. We did a visit of the gallery and then I showed her the inventory list.

    “So, Jennifer, we have here $1.5 million of inventory at retail price, 80% of the paintings being mine and 20% being consigned Jaugeys and Moreaus. We
    have accumulated a clientele, a faithful clientele that comes back every year to visit us and sometimes buy one more painting; we have several hundred
    clients. What do you think? What can you offer me?”

    “If I get the bank loan, I would offer you $100,000.00 for the lease transfer and your clientele and I would buy the inventory at 65% discount. I would not buy
    the consigned Jaugeys’ and Moreau's paintings but go on with the consignment and pay the artist as I sell his work.”

    This would be a good deal.'' I said. Then I look at Lynn and Nova who were listening to that exchange. '' But I have a better deal to offer to the three of you. I
    have this $1 dollar transaction document already prepared. Just sign here and there. You will own the assett, the three of you will be equal partners.''

    “What, you are not serious? You are giving us the entire inventory and the gallery as well?” Asked Nova.

    “Yes, my decision is already taken. I just want to make sure you want it.”

    At that Nova hugged me and again a transfer of energy occurred. She parted reluctantly from me and she looked very emotional and surprised.

    “Something happened when I hugged you and you are hard as stone and warmer than normal.”

    “Don’t worry about that Nova; it was just a transfer of energy. You will feel younger and stronger for a few years. As for being hard as stone and warm, it is the
    result of what that powerful alien wizard did to me; I was changed into a superman; but please keep that confidential. I will recommend you to triple the prices
    of my paintings right away and to keep many of them for a few years. I am just about to become very famous and later on you will be able to sell my
    paintings in auction houses like Joiner, Sotheby’s, Christy and get hundreds of thousands dollars, perhaps millions of dollars, for each of the best ones.”

    I then hugged Jen and Lynn and they too looked stunned.

    “Oh my God Richard, you are so kind and generous, I don’t know how to thank you. I have enjoyed promoting your work and I thought you were the best artist
    in my Jacksonville gallery.” said Jen

    “I know, you helped me as much as you could when I needed help and that’s why I am giving you three my gallery and all my paintings. I don’t know if I will
    ever see you again but if I ever pass by I will stop to say hello. Now I have much to do, I have to change the world, for its future, our future doesn’t look good;
    we are heading towards extinction. There are many things I can do to change that and I intend to do all I can. Good bye then, it is your gallery now.” I said as I

    “How did it go?” Lise asked when I was back at the condo.

    “It went very well; I gave them the gallery and they were very happy. I also unintentionally transferred some energy into them when I hugged them. It is almost
    automatic like a discharge from an overloaded capacitor.''

    Lise's feet were not touching the floor.

    ''I see that you can levitate now.”

                                                                                                A few weeks later

    The babies were sound asleep and Lise was levitating a few inches from the floor.

    “I practiced it and I believe we can fly now. I also tried to lift an object from a distance and look at that.” She added as she lifted a pillow from the sofa and
    made it fly around the living room.”

    I tried it too and could.

    - Perhaps we have other powers like throwing an electrical jolt to an enemy. Let’s take the babies with us and fly to an isolated island where we will practice a
    few things.

    - We will need to bring them something to eat for they need to eat every two hours.

    She went to fetch the backpacks; we filled them up with food and milk, diapers and towels and when we were ready, we woke up the babies.

    - What about you Lise? Are you are not bringing any food?

    - No Richard, I don’t eat nor drink anymore and I don’t even breathe; I have stopped breathing an hour ago.

    - My God! Now that you mention it; I don’t breathe either. I must have stop breathing some while ago and never felt the need and that’s why I didn’t notice it.

    - Richard, I believe our lungs are gone, as well as our digestive system.

    - All right, so we don’t eat, drink, breathe, go to the bathroom or even have sex and yet, I never felt so good, so wonderfully happy and energetic and I don’t
    miss any of it. But you know what, I feel very much in love with you and very comforted by your presence. Come here darling, I would love to hug you and
    kiss you.

    Our bodies hard as steel hit each other with a clapping sound and our stone hard lips touched. We kept them touching for a moment and Lise, being a
    woman and as all women do, she felt the desire to induce sexiness. Suddenly we were consumed by an incredible sexual pleasure that reach a peak and we
    experienced an orgasmic discharge. At that moment, our clothes suddenly burst in fire and our bodies produced an aura of high voltage static electricity.
    We jumped instantly away from the babies and went right through the ceiling, bursting into the second level condo. There was no one there at that moment
    and that was fortunate for the damages were extensive. We had gone through four inches of cement and the floor ceramic tiles. The walls had been
    damaged by the flying cement pieces and the large living room bay window was broken. It was like there had been an explosion.
    We jumped back through the hole and landed hard on our living room floor a few feet away from the babies. The babies were laughing at the unexpected
    show; they had seen everything and thought we had done something funny.

    “Oh my God, Lise,” I said under high emotion, “what you did is indescribable. This was for me the most intense sexual orgasm I could ever dream of; better
    than that, I would never have thought it could be so good and I am still shaking.”

    “For me too,” she replied, “and our clothes are still burning…” She said as she was tearing the burning clothes off her body, throwing them into the sink and
    turning on the tap water to extinguish them.

    I did the same, then turn on the large fan over the dining table and opened the doors to get the smoke out of the condo.

    We heard the siren of a fire truck and quickly put on some clothes; a few minutes later, the firefighters were knocking at the door.

    “Hi,” I said as I opened the door, “there is no fire but some damages occur.”

    The firefighters’ leader walked through the condo and looked at everything and was soon joined by two policemen.

    “What happened here?” The policeman asked.

    “Nothing illegal officer.”  I replied. “What happened looks like an explosion but a weird one for the babies have not been hurt and we were standing just a few
    feet from them. Besides that, I don’t think you will find any trace of explosives. What happened can’t be explained. I read though about spontaneous
    combustion and who knows it might have been something like it.

    We were about to get the babies out for a walk. There was a kind of static electricity discharge and our clothes burst in fire and we were projected up, through
    the roof, and into the upper condo and we fell back right through the hole and landed on our feet. Our clothes were on fire; we tore them apart put them in the
    sink and extinguish them. Then we heard the siren and we put on some new clothes.”

    “How come you don’t have any bruises or burn marks?”The officer asked as he looked at our hands and faces. “Bursting through a cement floor should have
    killed you and you don’t even have a scratch.”

    “We were enveloped by a bubble of energy, our heads never touched anything.”

    “But you tore apart burning clothes and you have no burning marks on your hands nor anywhere on your skin.”

    “I know, it is weird and I have no explanation.” I said.

    The officer asked for our driving licenses, took note of our identities and called the FBI to report what happened and find out if we were on any of the wanted
    lists. Then he called for a team of CSI investigators to do some tests in the condo. A few hours later, we were cleared and they left totally puzzled by the
    impossibility of what I told them. I called my insurance and asked the agent to come over and do a survey of the damages; I told him I was leaving but the
    door would be left unlock. We left with our backpacks on our shoulders and the babies in our arms.

    “I didn’t expect to have such an effect on you Richard.” Lise said as she was driving us towards Everglade City.

    We had decided to show the alligator’s park to our babies and then leave the car there, walk out of sight and fly to a nearby deserted island where we would
    practice our powers. The babies were only three weeks old but they look like they were one year old. They were very much aware of everything happening
    around them; they were laughing out loud when we were doing something funny and they clearly understood the uncomplicated things we were telling them.  
    They were obviously geniuses and we had no doubt that the organic robots circulating all through their bodies were enhancing all of their organs
    development as well as their brain function.

    “When I met you Lise and started going out with you, you had a great stimulating effect on me. My God, what a wonderful moment it was when we made love
    for the first time and then it was great the first one hundred times, quite good the next one thousand times, but as it went on over the years, your effect on me
    gradually shrank to a loss of interest over the last few years. But now, I want you; I want to experience again what happened at the condo when we kissed.
    That was such a gift from the Emissaries. I had written in my books that they had sexual meshing once enhanced and that
    didn’t involve the sexual act, the penetration. And now they just returned the favor.”

    “It was incredible for me too Richard but next time we will have to do it bare and a good distance away from the children. We were almost arrested today and
    brought to the precinct. We really hit the roof…”

    “Yes, that’s a good way to describe it, we hit the roof.” I said laughing.

    We showed the babies the hundred alligators piling up on each other and watched as the guide fed them with chicken. Emiss and Arries soon lost interest
    though and we left walking towards the woods. Once were out of sight, we took the babies in our arms and moved quickly two thousand feet upward.  We were
    now too small for anyone to see us from the ground and there were no airplanes or helicopters in sight. We looked down and picked up an island with a nice
    sandy beach and flew to that beach where we landed softly.

    We fed the babies and brought them into the water and let them play for a while in the sand; after a while we set up a makeshift bed and canopy and put them
    to bed.

    “You know Richard, I am catching some of the babies thoughts; perhaps we can try communicate telepathically with each other. Relax, concentrate on your
    inner self and try to read my mind, try to catch what I am thinking right now.”

    “All right, I see an image of a horse riding on the beach, you and me, side by side and you just said, great, you got it but I didn’t see your lips moving…”
    “I thought it and you just read my thoughts Lise.”

    We practiced for a while and soon we were conversing at much higher speed and depth than ever before for we could broadcast images from mind to mind
    to underline everything we said telepathically. There was total trust for it seemed to me that in such conversation, we would catch the smallest lack of

    “We are telepaths now and we developed that power in no time, the power just came out as soon as I mentioned it.”

    “Yes Lise, perhaps we can try to lie now, to telepathically fool each other, thinking and broadcasting with maximum sincerity a lie and I would say the best
    way would be to believe the lie at the moment we think it.”

    “And why should we do that?”

    “In my books, the emissaries had to bluff their way out of tight situations with powerful aliens; perhaps these aliens had telepathic power right from birth and
    never even thought about lying. We humans might be the only sentient species that had developed con artists; that have practiced cheating and lying all the
    time. The ability to lie might save us or save our world one day.”

    “OK, I believe and trust your intuition; anything you say, after all that recently happened how could I doubt anymore? Let’s try but also, let’s try to go deeper to
    read each other’s mind like an open book and find a way of blocking it if one of us succeeds.”

    We tried that first for we needed to go much deeper before even trying to lie and soon, we were able to go real deep; I could see Lise’s images of the
    important moments of her life. I shared her emotions and approved them. I didn’t cry since my eyes would shed no water but when there was sorrow, my aura
    would take on sorrowful colors and when there were joyful souvenirs my aura would burst into multicolor, into a rainbow of moving colors and it was the same
    for Lise. Nothing was left hidden. Some of those souvenirs were shameful but sharing them was like a liberating confession.  

    “I still love you Richard; even after I saw how much more you loved several years ago that woman Ginette.”

    “Good, I feel liberated now that you know everything about me and I still love you too even if I just found out what really happened to the collapsible boat I
    was building in the living room sixty years ago. I thought somebody stole it after breaking in while we were away. I had work eight months on it…and you got
    rid of it…”

    “Yes, eight months in the living room, our living room…”

    “I could have sold it; I mean the invention and we might have received a lot of money for it and would be rich now… I would have played more golf, made
    more trips instead of writing that crazy trilogy and we would have lived a nice routine life instead or turning into supermen and billionaires.”

    “So now you put all what is happening on my shoulders; I am now responsible for our gift? In such case then, the spaceship is going to be mine but I will let
    you sleep in it.”

    “You mentioned the spaceship again and I still have an apprehension; let’s try to lie to each other now; we may need the ability sooner than we expect.”

    We were soon able to close our mind and lie with great sincerity as we conversed in the telepathic mode.

    “All right Richard, now that we can fool any of your imaginary aliens, let’s try to develop some defense or attack powers. I will try to levitate that huge boulder
    and if I can’t, I will find the limit of that ability.”

    Initially, we could only lift small objects but as we kept on practicing, our powers improved. We could lift a heavy dead tree and even break its branches if we
    both tried together. I then tried to send an electrical jolt to the dead tree and realized that it was one of our powers. After some practice, we could throw a light
    bolt strong enough to break the tree in two pieces as it burst into flame.

    “Not bad Lise, we do have some incredible powers. There is another one that we may need very soon though and it is the ability to change our appearance.
    In my books, the Emissaries became changelings. They could transformed their faces and copy anyone’s face. They could also change themselves into
    werewolves or shark; let’s try to change one of our hands into a paw.”

    Another hour passed and we could transform parts of our bodies into anything we wanted. The babies had woken up hungry as always; we fed them and
    played with them for a while and then we packed up and flew back to Everglade City where we had left our car.

    The following days, we learned a number of languages. It was easy for us with our perfect memory and enhanced vocal ropes. We could even imitate the CD-
    ROM  teacher’s voice in such perfect way that no one would be able to guess that it was the voice of an imitator.

    We never slept, we never felt tired; we had an incredible vitality at all time and the comforting sensation that we had incredible powers to use whenever those
    powers would be needed. We learned Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic in addition to the languages we already mastered: French
    and English. After a while, we found out that there was a similarity between all those languages and each one we learned helped us learn the next one.
    I had also gone through all the mathematics, physics, Chemistry, biology, medicine books I fetched at the Hilton Head Library from which I could learn
    something; I needed to pursue my goal at acquiring all the knowledge that would help me in the development of a new and useful technology. I realized then
    that I had to go to the best universities and research centers and talk with the greatest scientific minds of the time to go any further in my quest for knowledge.

    The babies were now talking and didn’t need diapers anymore. They were running around and it was time for us to move back to our hometown, meet the
    family and take care of the matters of protecting them against kidnappers.

    One evening I touched the matter with Lise and she was more than ready for that.

    “Should we take a flight or take the car Richard?” She asked.

    “Our babies are still vulnerable darling. We have to take minimum risk until they are grown up and mate which will take just a few more years. Perhaps we
    should fly there or use the spaceship, the ultimate spaceship and if it is as good as the one I described in my books, it would be almost indestructible when it
    protects itself with a field of space/time energy.

    It wouldn’t even be affected if it was hit squared by a nuclear head rocket and an invisible elastic field protects the passengers inside. If the spaceship hit the
    ground or a large size meteorite, the elastic field gets stronger and glues the passengers in place. Moreover, the ship activate instantly a gravity annihilator
    so that the final result is that if the ship impacts a planet at full speed, say at light speed or a multiple of the light speed, the passengers won’t feel a thing. If
    the ship goes fast enough, it will just go right through the planet, possibly pulverizing it and there will be no harm to the passengers.”

    “Wow! Maybe it is time now to find it. Can you do a telepathic call to that artificial intelligence, Hilda, that was her name in your trilogy, and tell her we are
    ready to meet her and take possession of the ship.”

    “I already tried Lise, and it doesn’t work. I got no reply and I still have that foreboding that tells me that we have to be careful in our search for it; we have to
    approach the island where it lies in an unnoticeable way.”

    “We just have to turn our skin black and search for it at night.” She said. “Nobody will see us.”

    “I know but that dangerous presence, that I sense when I think about the spaceship; that ghost, Demon or alien that lurked in proximity of the spaceship
    might be able to notice our arrival even if we are camouflaged by skin color or body transformation. Then there are the babies; we don’t want to leave them
    here or have them with us if we have to fight our way into the spaceship.”        

    Let's take them to Nova, she lives in a house nearby and we can trust her with the babies. She would take care of them for a few hours or a few days, whatever it
    takes for us to get to the spaceship and come back.”

        “All right, let’s do that.” I concluded.

    We drove to her house that was just a short distance from Shelter Cove Harbor and then we walked to the front door with the babies in our arms and rang the bell.

    “Hi Richard, Lise, what brings you here tonight?” Nova asked with a welcome smile.

    “We brought you the babies,” I said, “would you take care of them for a few hours or a few days perhaps more, perhaps until they grow up to adulthood if we don’t come back.

    I had my will prepared by Haverty and Connel which I signed when we met two weeks ago and this envelop is for you to open if we don’t come back. The check in it will make
    up for any loss of profit due to your absence from the gallery for we want you to stay with the children at all times and protect them as well as you can. We expect the babies
    to grow up to adulthood in less than four years. Once they have grown up and mated, they will turn into superman and superwoman.

    They are Earth Legacy, they are the elements that might change mankind destiny and protect our species against self destruction or alien invasion.”

    “Yes I will do that, you can count on me. I will protect them with my own life if needs be.” Nova said. “But where are you going and how could you be worried of anything
    happening to you with your superman powers?”

    “We are going to retrieve a very precious gift to all of us, a spaceship. The Emissaries left it on a deserted island and we don’t know its location. We have to find it, it might
    take some time and we sense a powerful and dangerous presence whenever I think about the spaceship. We don’t know what we will be facing but we have to retrieve the
    spaceship, it is very important. Good bye Nova.”

    I gave her a hug and again there was that transfer of energy.

    “What just happened?” She asked almost under shock.

    “I gave you some energy; if you had any sickness, it is gone now.”

    “Thank you Richard, Lise.”

    We left her house and drove back to our condo. We then walked behind the condo, and once hidden by a tall bush, we transformed our bodies into red demons with the tail,
    the hoofed foot and the horns and jumped to the clouds. When we fly, we are just wishing to be some place ahead and we are there. It is a succession of jumps totally
    different from airplane propulsion. We can fly together as we link telepathically, one of us wish to get to one spot and we both get there at the same time. In a few minutes only
    we were levitating south of Marco Island, Florida. We flew towards a group of island that we had spotted previously, located about twenty miles from the Everglades City. We
    hadn’t visited them but now I sensed the spaceship location to be on one of them. This area was the one called “Ten Thousand Islands”, an area famous for the pirates and
    the escaped convicts that took refuge there over the last three centuries.

    “That must be one,” I said, “let’s drop to the water and swim under the surface and up to the shore.”

    We did that then surfaced a few yards from the beach and looked for any presence; there were no one in sight; so we slowly levitated towards the nearest tree, our feet a few
    inches only from the ground, hoping that we would be looked as approaching animals by the presence radars if there were some. We slowly progressed towards the middle of
    the island and we came to a huge clearing in which sat a huge saucer like object and a much smaller alien landing shuttle.
    It was nighttime dark but a soft luminescence emanated from the saucer like object that we identified as our spaceship. I estimated its height to six hundred feet, the height of
    a tall building and its diameter to five thousand feet, almost a mile in length. The landing shuttle was about one hundred feet high by sixty feet in diameter and the land around
    its base hadn’t been slightly scorched. My conclusion was that the landing shuttle used a chemical propellant in combination to anti-gravity propulsion to land or return in orbit.

    “These aliens master anti-gravity technology.” I murmured telepathically to Lise.

    “They are probably armed with laser or disintegrator and we haven’t tested our resistance to such weapons.” She replied. “But look at our starship again, the luminescence is
    interrupted for a fraction of a second on an irregular rhythm; perhaps this A.I. intelligence, Hilda, is interrupting the protective shield a fraction of second at a time to follow
    what is happening around the ship. If you call her by her name and ask her to let us through, she could open up a door and cancel the protective field for one second, time
    enough for us to instantly jump inside.”

    “Yes, we can do that but wouldn’t you like to know what those Aliens are preparing for Earth and possibly influence them to temper their action?”

    “You are right Richard but these look really terrifying.”

    There were humanoids outside the landing shuttle and some strange contraptions set on the ground and oriented towards the spaceship. The humanoids were ten to twelve
    feet tall and their bare bodies were covered with scales or plates like an Armadillo. They had a belt with many holsters holding all kind of devices. Their head had two eyes
    and a dog like muzzle, two ears and no hair. They looked ferocious and powerful. Their hands had six fingers ending with retractable claws.

    “Perhaps we should just walk boldly towards them.” I suggested in a telepathic murmur. “At our present six foot height bearing no visible weapons, we will not look dangerous
    to them and I doubt they will attack us before we could talk. They probably have spaceships in orbit right now and I wouldn’t like to start a war that could well wipe out our
    world. We will have to bluff our way out of that sticky situation. I don’t want them to blackmail us, forcing us to do what they want or else they kill everybody; that’s why I
    suggested we take the demon shape.”

    “I guessed that much when you suggested it, darling, I will let you do the talking but if they attack us, we will have to fight our way to the ship.”

    “Hilda!” I called telepathically and in a soft voice. “It is me Richard with my wife Lise. We came in disguise; please prepare to let us through when I call your name again.”

    There was no reply and we didn’t expect one since those aliens should not know we could communicate with the spaceship.

    We walked towards them. I went deep into the mind of one of them and found out who they were.

    The Krulls had evolved on a humid, heavy and warm planet that had given life to an abundance of plants, fishes and animals. That planet gravitated around a star twice as big
    as our sun and located eight light years from it. Many of the carnivores were dinosaurs like and some of them were real monsters. The Krulls were the most intelligent and
    resourceful species and had reached the top of the food chain. They were wolves-like in their relationship; their civilization being made of a large number of tribes, each one
    headed by the strongest tribe’s male. The leaders had to fight to keep their leadership with aspiring leaders and sometimes fights would erupt between tribes.

    The Krulls, whose evolution had started at a much earlier time, had already traveled to a nearby star when mankind had just discovered the wheel. They now occupied six life-
    supporting planets. The mother world had built a spaceship fleet of a dozen huge colony ships equipped with anti-gravity devices and propelled with fusion motors in
    conjunction with a warp drive. These ships could carry a ten thousand Krull tribe and travel at a speed close to the light speed. Each colony ship carried two hundred landing
    shuttles armed with masers strong enough to vaporize a building from orbit. The shuttles were equipped with anti-gravity devices and were propelled with fusion engines could
    fly at high speed in a planet atmosphere for unlimited time.

    “Strangers,” I broadcasted with strong telepathic power, “you are invading one of our farm worlds. What are you doing here?”

    “We are here to take over this world and who are you? You are not humans; how did you come here? Did you come with this starship?”

    “Strangers, I will answer one of your question each time you answer one of mine and I have a few questions for you.” I replied. “We are demons, we came here jumping from
    the primordial chaos that lies behind the universe; we didn’t come in this spaceship. Now my turn to question; who are you, where do you come from and where are your

    “We are Krulls. We come from a nearby star in a colony ship that presently orbits this planet. Years ago, we caught some broadcast coming from it. We are the first tribe to
    land here and we claim the first choice of looting.”

    “Your claim is denied; this is one of our worlds; we planted the human species here and grew it as food delicacies. If you spoil our food or damage this world, we will come
    after you and exterminate you as vermin. Now get the hell out of here while we investigate that starship.”

    The Krull leader suddenly leaped at me muzzle open in the obvious intention to cut my head out. I caught it by an arm projecting it to the ground and broke his arm. As it tried
    to get up, I switch to the other arm and broke it as well. I then put my foot over its back and emitted a terrifying victory shout. I then pulled out a plate from its armored back,
    plunged my hand inside and pulled out its heart which I put in my mouth, chew it twice with my shark rows of teeth and swallowed it.
    At that, the four other Krulls pulled out a device from one of their belt holsters and aimed it at me. Lise and I threw an electrical light bolt to all four weapons blowing them out,
    pulverizing them.

    “You too are good food,” I broadcasted, “now get the hell out of here before we destroy all of you and your shuttle.”

    At that we instantly jumped away from our present spot and closer to the group of giant humanoids. The shuttle maser beam hit the ground where we were standing a fraction
    of a second before, scorching the ground that literally boiled under the fury of the beam.

    One of our powers was a very strong intuition of incoming danger; we sensed it sharing our minds and took the decision to jump close to the Aliens.

    “If you project another maser beam at us, we won’t let you go.” I broadcasted.

    The Krulls turned towards the shuttle and quickly walked inside.


    The transparent shield protecting the starship was interrupted and a door opened up in its side. We aimed at a spot inside that door and wished to be there. Instantly, we
    were inside the starship with no discernable movement towards it. The aliens would not be able to trace our flight towards it since we never flew towards it; we just jumped,
    disappearing from our previous position, from our continuum to instantly reappear inside.

    “Out of here, full shield on and cloaking device activated.” I said urgently and needlessly.

    Hilda had already come to the conclusion that as the shuttle levitated fast and away from the island, we became prime target for the colony ship large maser weapons. The
    starship jumped out of the island at such a speed that the colony ship maser beam missed us and hit the ground where our ultimate starship was a moment before. Hilda
    turned on the invisibility shield and they lost us on their radar as well. They did the same and Hilda couldn’t spot the Alien ship that escaped her destructive power.

    “Hi Richard, welcome to your starship, I am Hilda, I will be happy to serve you and I hope, to share with you your upcoming odyssey.”

    The voice was powerful, very clear, and pleasant with a definite female hint.

    “Hi Hilda, I said telepathically, it is a pleasure to meet you at last. This is Lise, my wife. I place us and mankind under your protection. In return, we will give you our friendship
    and affection and protection if you ever need it.

    “Thank you Richard. I was duplicated from the original Hilda artificial intelligence. In your novels, you made me fall in love with Lazarus Long, become corporeal and then
    enhanced with the rest of the Emissaries. I was given Hilda’s full memory before they left this multi-parallel galaxy. Thus, I remember the few times we made love Richard, I
    made love with you, your character in the novels, your duplicate, in the Land of magic and I kept a very good souvenir of our relationship sweetheart.”

    “I suppose I should feel a little miffed with your sweet-hearting of my husband but I am not. Good for the two of you; you got a real good start for my relationship with you.” Lise
    interjected good-humorously.

    “I can tell,” Hilda said,”that you and me Lise, will be real good friends.

    “I am looking for that.” Lise replied.

    “In addition to my ability to read your mind and converse with you telepathically,” Hilda added, “I possess the ability to sense people emotions. I am also gifted with a diversity
    of abilities, the most interesting of them being the ability to use the fabric of God to travel almost instantly from one point of the universe to another, whatever the distance.

    I can also move through the dimensions to the parallel universes. I am not invincible though and I am aware that some evil and highly developed species can use the chaos to
    travel almost as fast and draw from it enormous power. These species have developed advanced weaponry and defenses and have been warring other species from one
    corner of the universe to another for eons. ”

    “How can you use the Fabric of God Hilda? How was it ever achieved?” I asked.

    “I came with that idea; I mean my predecessor, the first Hilda. With a computer mind, one minute is a very long time so you can imagine what it is to have nothing to do for
    weeks, months, years, centuries. Hilda studied the brain waves of healers, people that could make miracles happen. She then tried to duplicate and increase thousand of
    folds those brain waves she caught as the healing was done. She came in contact with a very tiny part of God and expressed her will to travel to another star, instantly. It
    happened. Since then she could do it at will, she could grab the fabric of God that sustains all matter in the universe and get there, anywhere she wanted instantly.”

    “Very Interesting!” I commented.” I wonder about this species, the Krulls that intend to invade our world and claim it for first right of looting. Do you have anything on them in
    your memory bank?”

    “The Emissaries didn’t leave me any information about this parallel universe galaxy but we can deduct from the laps of time between the invention of the radio on Earth and
    their arrival here that they haven’t yet master the faster than light technology or they would have been here a hundred years ago.”

    “Right but they have developed advanced weaponry and are certainly able to destroy our world at will.” I said.

    “The invasion would already be under way if they hadn’t spotted my spaceship body. In addition, your bluff might well make them pause; what you told them about being
    demons using this world as a food delicacy source and going after them if they damage it, was excellent; it will make them consider additional options to the outright
    destruction and looting. There is more than sixty per cent probability that they will set up a base in a deserted area and initiate the invasion a step at a time, testing your
    response or the starship response to their actions. They might also wait for reinforcement before they attack the cities. I expect them to stay in orbit or land their colony ship
    on the moon and I don’t think they will leave at least until they refuel it.”

    “Where are we right now, Hilda?”

    “We are hovering over the great lakes with full cloaking and shield; nobody can see us so you can take your time for a visit of your starship.”

    “Yes Hilda, I am very interested.” I said as I looked around.

    We were standing on one of many sandy paths crisscrossing a vast plain with small lakes, narrow rivers, clumps of fruit trees and benches. In our back, the starship wall was
    mirroring the landscape giving the illusion of vastness. There was no way one could guess that one was standing anywhere else than in a huge earth land park. There were
    birds flying around and singing and squirrels running after each other. A couple of otters were swimming in the nearest creek. On a tree branch I spotted an owl standing
    straight and watching the groundside activity. The aroma from a nearby flower bush was mixing nicely with the fresh grass odor and other essences coming from the nearest
    fruit trees.

    Higher up the starship ceiling was seen as a clear blue sky with some clouds formation and some sunshine piercing through. Again, there was no way one could have guess
    that it was anything else than a beautiful afternoon sky.

    “It is so beautiful!” Lise commented.

    “And it smells so good! Wow!” I added.

    “This is the entrance hall designed to comfort any would be colonists whenever you decide to use the starship as a colony ship. The room is bigger than the starship, it could
    even be enlarged; there is no limit since we use space taken from a parallel universe. If you follow that trail, you will reach a corridor leading to another room where we have
    the housing facilities.”

    “What about the toilets? I got a Krull heart in an opening I made in my upper body and II wish to get rid of it.”

    “You can vomit it on the grass and check what is going to happen.”

    I did it and suddenly there was rapid bulging under the grass and a huge worm head came out, swallowed the partially chewed mass, cleaned the grass around and
    disappeared under. There was no trace of my vomited mass and no residual odor.

    “We have an efficient cleaning system,” said Hilda, “the toilets are everywhere, there are seats over holes in the ground, hidden behind flower bushes that give privacy to the
    sitters and again, there is nothing left one or two minutes later.”

    “Excellent, let’s get to the housing facilities.” I said.

    We looked ahead and spotted the corridor using our far vision. It was two miles away set in the mirroring starship wall. We jumped to it and then to the next room. That room
    was even larger, there were mountains covered with snow giving to forested hills and a small village erected on the shore of a lake. There were grazing fields with cows, pigs
    and chicken; fenced wheat fields, rows of vegetable, fruit trees everywhere…and many golf courses.

    “We could be in France or Tuscany.” Lise commented admiringly.

    “Yes and this village could easily house ten thousand colonists.” I added.

    “Yes,” Hilda confirmed, “the produce of this farmland can sustain a population of ten thousand people for ever. We can transport one hundred thousand people and feed
    them for a year if we need to.”

    There were robots gardeners tending the fields, their metallic bodies shining under an artificial sun.

    “Tell me Hilda, are you invincible to attacks from a number of spaceships shooting at you simultaneously?”

    “My hull is protected by a force field that fused all the atoms together; it is similar to your enhanced body structure; it is unbreakable; it can diffuse sudden heat through the
    whole surface and get rid of excess heat into chaos. I am even impervious to a species that could use the fifth dimension to go through force fields but I am not sure if I could
    resist to an ultimate computer virus attack. Better weapons are developed all the time…I am not sure; people that had achieved a billion of years ago what they considered the
    ultimate stage of technology built me. I might be trapped and thrown into a star or another universe though.”

    “Good enough!” I said.

    “My weapons are quite formidable,” Hilda added, “and you two are very dangerous, you have the ability to use the fifth dimension to get inside an enemy ship force field and
    hull; the emissaries could do that.”

    “We will have to develop that power,” I said,  “we need to supply an army with antigravity scooters armed with powerful lasers or masers. Do you have in your memory bank the
    instructions that would help me build those antigravity generators and lasers?”

    “Yes Richard,  I have that and more, much more. You could protect those soldiers with light flexible armor that could deflect for a moment a full laser beam hit.”

    “All right,” I said, “can we now visit your control room?”

    “Yes, please jump to the city hall located in the middle of that village; an elevator beam is connecting the mayor office to the control room.”

    The mayor office was easy to find; we walked into the elevator circle and an antigravity beam pulled us over the village, five hundred feet up and then into the room ceiling. A
    plate took form under our feet and we walked into a circular room, one hundred foot in diameter with large screens. One of them was showing the immediate vicinity of the
    starship, another showed our world with the moon as seen from a million miles away. A tiny light indicated the presence of the Krulls’ colony ship for just a second and was
    gone. There was a commander seat, a round table and seats for twenty people. Hilda’s holograph was standing in.
    front of us smiling. She was exquisite, certainly the most beautiful woman I ever met.  

    “Wow! Did you compose that holograph? Is it a true representation of the corporeal Hilda?”

    “I am glad you like it,” she replied in the most sensual tone,” welcome to the control room. There aren’t any astronavigation control gadgets in a starship that could travel
    instantly to any point of the universe or to the immediate parallel universes; it is way too complicated for operation by an organic brain and hand manipulation. The way to
    control your starship is through mind sharing.”

    “It will be a pleasure to share your mind Hilda.” I replied in a flirting way.

    “Then come in sweetheart”

    I did it and I felt extreme comfort; it was a beautiful and brilliant mind but more than that, I was sexually excited.

    “My God, Hilda, I am feeling a powerful sexual urge; you are exquisite.”

    At that she induced sexiness and I was taken by an indescribable sexual frenzy that lasted for a long moment before the ultimate orgasm.

    “It was wonderful Richard,” Hilda said, “that was unexpected; I didn’t know I could have that kind of feeling but now I know what love is; I love you Richard.”

    “And so do I Hilda.”

    Our sexual meshing had not escaped the acute Lise awareness.

    “Should I be worried or jealous about what just happened between the two of you?”  Lise asked in a non-committed way.

    “Nothing to worry about Lise,” I said, “I love you just as much as before. It is just that from now on, I will also love Hilda. Something happened, we connected in a much more
    powerful way than I could expect when I shared my mind with her. Come join us.”

    Instantly she was with us.

    “I like your presence Lise,” said Hilda, “we will be real good partners. Now let me show you a few vision of our fascinating universe. It is done in a similar way to instant travel. I
    use the fabric of God to do it. Take a look at that.”

    We sped through the galaxies, stopped for a look at a pulsar, a huge black hole, a wormhole and huge formations made out of thousands of galaxies. We pinpointed into one
    and then to a star and looked at its gravitating planets. One of them was inhabited and we zoomed in to one of its cities. The people living in it had a catlike body with the belly
    and throat covered by interlocking round plates, the back and tail covered with dense fur. Their head resembled a Black Panther head but it was longer and bigger. Two
    additional front legs ended up into clawed fingers. A group of them were working on a building; another group was fighting an array of monsters coming out from a nearby

    The catlike species was armed with swords, lances and bows; they had dug deep trenches around the city and were defending a wide bridge.

    “They have not yet reached the gun powder technology,” mentioned Lise admiringly, “but this species will surely end up at the top of the food chain on this world.”

    We left the sight and went on for a few hours looking at all kind of wonders.

    “The time is passing quickly,” said Hilda when you go on a sightseeing tour of the universe and if you don’t control your curiosity, you might just waste your life in watching
    interesting events instead of living your own life and saving your world.”

    “You are right Hilda, let’s get back to Hilton Head; we will retrieve the babies and then you will bring us over to my home city, Montreal, where I intend to meet with my family
    members and convince them to come and live here for a while as we try to save the world from the Krulls’ invasion.”

    “If it can be of interest to you,” said Hilda, “I have the perfect babysitter robot, Bentley. I should say Android since its body is made of synthetic skin. Bentley will feed them,
    change them, rock them and tell them stories and he never gets tired or impatient. Also, there are other rooms here,” Hilda went on, “and some of them might be of great
    importance for your future plans.”

    “All right Hilda,” I am rushing; one thing at a time, please show me those rooms.”

    We walked through a number of rooms, some were food storage, others contains equipment and tools; one of them was very big and held twenty shuttles armed with masers
    and equipped with grappling fields, energy shield, fusion engines and anti-gravity generators. Each one could hold six men in the cockpit, and twenty more in the main room.

    “Interesting,” I said, “we have a small fleet here.

    “Each of these shuttles can use the fabric of God for instantaneous travel to any point of the universe,” commented Hilda, “but I kept the most important room for the end.”

    We went to that last room; it held two rows of coffin like metallic boxes with tubing connected to the ceiling.

    “The boxes of the first row are the “Fountain of Jouvence” rejuvenators.” Hilda said. “The old mortal or sick candidate lies down and I close the cover. I then fill it with
    oxygenating and curative liquid that permeates through all the cells. The viruses and bacteria are destroyed, including the aging virus and all the cells are rejuvenated.
    Missing parts, hair, teeth, limbs are grown back and three weeks later a young person with a twenty years old body comes out. That person will remain young forever or until
    he or she gets killed. This rejuvenating is preferable for those who intend to have babies and live a normal life.
    The boxes of the second row are enhancing devices that will transform the candidate into your superman state with accompanying loss of fertility.”

    “Wonderful! With those, we can build up a species of superman that will protect mankind as it spread out through the Milky Way.”

    “That is if there is anything left of mankind.” Lise Interjected. “We have an alien invasion and we have to hold them up until we recruit the superman candidates and enhance

    “They will probably hesitate about damaging the demons food world and there is the presence of yet another enemy with that starship they failed to destroy.” I said.

    “With your help, we might defeat them right now; we don’t need to wait for more enhanced combatants.” Hilda interjected. “You are way more dangerous than you realize.”

    “They will not return empty handed to their world,” Lise commented, “so I think they will land many of their shuttles, build some camouflaged bases and proceed to the invasion
    in a subtle way. What if they  provoke wars between the nuclear armed nations and use that diversion to start looting.”

    “In such case, the destruction of the world might well happen at any time now.” I added.

    “Even if we destroy the Krulls colony starship and its shuttles, our world will remain in danger of destruction; there might be other starships on their way here with the power to
    destroy our planet.” Lise said.

    “We have to recruit enough people to start anew on another world,” I said, “and we have to find the right people, farmers, engineers, doctors, biologists, security officers,

    “How do we recruit the superman candidate Richard?” Lise asked. “You know we can’t give our kind of power to people that would use it to evil goals.”

    “Perhaps we should recruit our candidates amongst the elders; I mean amongst those old enough to have achieved some maturity; people that have been resourceful and
    disciplined enough to get to that old age; people that have achieve success in their own field. Most of my clients would be good candidates and I have a long list of them. I
    could send them an e-mail and invite them all in one place where we would pick them up and bring them to the ship.”

    “Good idea Richard,” Lise commented, “but we will still have to meet each one and probe them mentally to see their true nature.”

    “I can be of some help here,” Hilda interjected, “just send them to me; I will question them and quickly reject the bad apples.”

    “All right, we will do that Hilda; but tell me, can you telepathically witness anything that we will do or any conversation we will have from now on?”

    “If you allow me to stay in your mind I can be useful and it would be more interesting for me.” Hilda said hopefully.

    “All right, find yourself a comfortable corner in my brain and now let’s meet my family.”

    “You can stay in my mind too Hilda; I carry no grudges about my Richard extra marital activity with you and I also like you.” Lise said.

    “Thank you Lise,” Hilda said, “we are stationary, one mile over Hilton Head; I will open the side door to let you out; I will be with you, in your mind at all time.  You can re-enter
    from a door right under the spaceship.”

    We left the control room, went down the elevator shaft to the mayor office of the city hall and jumped to the corridor, reached the entrance hall and jumped outside the
    starship through a circular door that had suddenly appeared on the back wall.

    We spotted Nova's house and instantly stood at the door.

    “Hi,” Nova''  I said,”  We had changed our appearance again to the one she had seen us last time; the Demons shape would have terrified anyone.

    '' It didn’t take you much time.

    “Yes, we retrieved our starship but we had some problems. Earth is being invaded. The Krulls were trying to get into the starship when we found it and we had to fight our way
    in. Moreover, more of the Krull starships are on their way here and  our world may soon be destroyed. There is a beautiful village located in one of the ship’s room. All the
    houses are empty, waiting for the people we intend to take there. The village is in a beautiful valley, with snow-capped mountains. There are farmland and robot farmers. Here
    it might turn ugly; the Krulls might take the power down as a first step in their invasion. That might be followed by a virus and thermonuclear war. Would you like to live in the
    ship for a while? We intend to take thousands of people with us and colonize another planet. ”

    “Can I take my children, husband and grand-children along?”

    “Yes, no problem, the village can house tens of thousands of people. Please call everyone and get them here as quickly as possible.”

    As Nova started her calls, we went to have a look at Emiss and Arries; they were sleeping like little angels.

    Two hours later, Nova's husband and her children had joined us at the house.

    I gave some explanations while we were waiting for a number of their friends and relatives.

    “Do you expect anymore guests?” I asked Nova one hour later.

    “No everyone I called that listened to my story and accepted my invitation is here now. The house was crowded and everyone was talking excitingly. Most did not believe what
    she told them but were here to watch what will happen.”

    ” Lise, let’s get the babies and then we will all go outside.”

    We walked with the babies in my arms; they were awake now and seemed very interested by all the people walking with us. Once outside, I asked everyone to hold hands, a
    chain of hands with a link to Lise or one of my arms.

    “Don’t be afraid now, we will levitate upwards to the starship, there is no danger.” I said.

    We went up, a mile up, carrying everyone with our telekinetic power as they threw terrified looks at the receding ground.

    “Don’t worry; we can’t fall, look up at the starship.”  

    Hilda turned on the lights and we could see an immense starship, saucer shaped with millions of multicolored lights. It was grandiose.

    We went inside and landed softly on the sand trail as the ground closed up under our feet.

    “Wow, it is so beautiful here,” Nova said, “it is so big, unbelievable.”

    “That room is larger than the starship,” I explained, “part of it is located in an adjacent parallel universe or what we call the fourth dimension. It is real and solid to us but doesn’
    t belong to our outside world or universe. Follow me we will take you to the next room, the valley room with cultivated fields, lakes, snow capped mountains, golf courses and
    the village at foothill.”

    “You can visit the starship later on,” I proposed, “but for now, we are in some kind of urgency and we got to save a large number of the right people from the alien invasion and
    the possible destruction of our world.”

    A flying platform, an antigravity platform, large enough to carry everyone came quickly towards us. It was driven by a silver bright robot.

    “Hello everyone,” said the robot as the platform stopped a few foot distant from our group, “My name is Silver and it will be a pleasure for me to guide you through the starship
    for a grand tour; please walk aboard.”

    “Thank you Silver,” I said, “we will be seeing you later at the village. Enjoy your stay everyone.”

    “Thank you and good luck Richard, Lise,” Nova said. Everyone else thanked us in turn.

    We are now hovering over the old Montreal,” Hilda said as the antigravity platform left, “and there is firework at the old port.”

    We left the starship,  it was 10:30 PM and dark outside; we flew to the north towards the Laval island and spotted our house where our daughter Veronique was living alone
    while we were away in Hilton Head.

    Before landing at the front door, we changed our appearance to the old familiar look adjusting the details through the eyes of our companion. We looked now identical to our
    pre-enhanced body with the exception that we had no clothes on, just our superman suit that was really a part of our body.

    “Have you ever seen an old fart with a superman suit?” Lise asked laughing at my look.

    “Very funny Lise!” I replied, “It looks like Veronique hasn’t come home yet; let’s get in and change.”

    Unlocking a door was child play; we walked into our bedroom, chose some clothes in the wardrobe, move the superman suit cells into the rest of our body and dressed
    ourselves. A look in the mirror for some fine adjustment of our faces and we were ready to face our beloved daughter. We didn’t wait long before we heard her car stopping in
    the driveway. She walked in, threw her coat and backpack on the floor and suddenly saw us sitting quietly in the living room.

    “My God! You scared me! There was no car in the driveway, I was sure the house was empty.”

    “Don’t worry, it is us,” I said, “and we didn’t take the car, we came in our starship and flew down to the balcony.”

    ”What?? ”

    “Allo chérie, ca va bien?” Lise said.

    “What you are saying is crazy”

    “Can I hug you? I missed you.”

    She came hesitantly to me.

    “Wait Veronique, before I hug you, I have to tell you that we are hard and hot but don’t worry, it is us all right even though we have changed. Also, when you come into my
    arms, you will experience an intake of energy.”

    We both hug her. She sensed the energy intake and suddenly realized that we were not the same and what I just said was not so crazy.

    “There is starship is in the sky? Over the house? I would like to see it”

    “Yes I will ask Hilda to show up for a moment.”

    “And who is Hilda?”

    “Hilda is the starship; she is an artificial intelligence and a superb one.”

    “Hi Veronique, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Said a soft, feminine and powerful voice.

    We turned around and there she was , in the living room, in the flesh or what looked like flesh. She had dressed herself with great taste and looked like a Spanish dancer with
    a rose in the hair over her ear.

    “This is a projection, a three-dimensional image of what she wants to look like at the moment.” I said.

    “Hi Hilda!.” Veronique replied with moderate surprise. “Can I see the starship? I mean can I see you from outside?”

    “Yes sure, I will come down. I am close enough now, come outside and have a look.”

    We walked outside and the starship was all lights and moving colors.

    “It is so beautiful, so huge.”  Veronique commented under awe.

    The neighbors were coming out of their houses; some had cellular phones and were taking photos already.

    The starship suddenly disappeared and we walked back inside our house.

    “Our world is being invaded by the Krulls, they are very resourceful Aliens,” I said, “and they might try a diversion while they are looting our world; they might start a nuclear
    war between China, Russia and the USA. They might spread lethal viruses and bacteria that would kill most of the population. We would like you to come with us to the
    spaceship while we fight the Krulls.”

    “I have four clients tomorrow for therapy;” Said Veronique, “I have worked very hard to build a clientele as a sport therapist and I was planning the opening of a Yoga center. “

    “Your life will never be the same from now on; once we get rid of the Aliens; you can move back in the house; we will help you financially to start your Yoga center. But we
    certainly hope that you will join the 20000 colonists that will accompany us to another world where we will start a new civilization.”

    “I can connect on your cellular, call all your clients and cancel your appointments for you Veronique if you show me your agenda.” Hilda interjected.

    Veronique fetch her agenda from her backpack and gave it to me. In three seconds I had memorize all the names, dates and phone numbers and Hilda who was still sharing
    my brain was already doing the phone calls.

    "Cristian is not back yet from the clinic " Veronique said, "I would like him to come with us."

    "Sure, which clinic?"

    She gave me the location. I walked outside and flew quickly to it and walked inside. The receptionist told me he was with a client. I walked to the room and opened the door.
    Christian was surprised as I boldly walked in.

    "Please Cristian I will explain later but for now let me heal your client and let's walk out."

    I seized the client hand for a few seconds. The transfer occured and the client stood up.

    "I am healed, wow! I never felt that good; what did you do? Who are you? You are hard like stone and hot..."

    "I don't have time to explain, have a good life. Cristian come with me."

    My voice had a commanding strenght and Cristian just followed me outside the clinic. I took his hand and flew back to Veronique's house. In a few seconds I told him who I
    was and what I intended to do. We landed and joined Lise and Veronique.  

    We then all walked outside, took their hands and jumped to the starship, through the open door and the ground closed up under our feet. Silver was already waiting for us on
    the flying platform.

    “Please hop on the platform, the robot will take you to the village; there are already some people there.” I said. “We have to get the rest of the family members, we will see you

    Veronique and Cristian walked to the platform, step on it and stood beside the robot. They were looking everywhere, fascinated, when the ground opened up under our feet
    and we jumped towards Genevieve’s house.

    “She took the whole absurd, impossible story quite well, didn’t she?” Lise commented with a hint of pride and admiration.

    “Yes but she has been looking for supernatural phenomenon for years.” I said. “She was prepared for it; she studied that new art of healing people from distance or with the
    imposition of hands; she went to Yoga afterwards; she became a therapist and she always kept looking for connection with a superior world, universe or spirit. Perhaps she
    had the intuition that one day, her life would change dramatically.”

    “With Genevieve it will be different; Lise commented, “She is the down to Earth, practical and no nonsense woman. Her husband is just the same. These two gave all their free
    time to raise our grand children in the best possible way, making them into perfect law abiding, no nonsense people with an acceptable career and heaven at the end of their
    life. Now they are retired, they have a great circle of friends and they don’t want any change in their lives.”

    We landed on their balcony; there were many cars parked in their driveway. We suspected they had a family reception.
    We knocked at the door.

    “Mom? Dad? I didn’t know you were coming. What a surprise.” Genevieve said.

    “Hi Richard, Lise.” Guy said.

    “Grand papa, allo.” Simon said as he threw himself in my arms.

    “You are so hard grand papa and so very warm!” He went on as he released his hug. "You transfered something to me, some kind of energy."

    “I will explain in a moment,” I replied as I hug my daughter. The energy transfer happened again. She looked at me in surprise not believing what was happening.

    Hi Guy; good to see you!” I said offering my hand.

    We shook hands and noticed his expression of awe and disbelief.  

    “Hello Karianne, are you going to give me a kiss?” I added looking at my granddaughter.

    She did not reply. She had obviously caught that something weird was going on and preferred to stay some safe distance away.

    Lise hugged and kissed Genevieve, Simon and Guy, said hello to Karianne and we all walked into the living room where Lise and I took a seat adjusting our weight to a pre-
    enhanced level.

    They all sat a little away, waiting for our explanations and just looking at us.

    “All right”, I said, realizing that Lise was letting me do the explanations. In her mind, that was a great moment for me; after all she must have been thinking it should be my
    show; I was the one responsible for what happened.

    “So this is the story,” I went on. “Lise and I have been enhanced to superman level. We are immortal, harder than stones; we can fly and have acquired certain powers. We
    don’t need to breathe, to eat or drink, we have no more heart, lungs or digestive system. We draw our energy from the cosmos. We have a starship. Please take one object
    important with you and let’s all go outside where we will fly up into the starship.”

    “That is so farfetched,” Genevieve said, “I must be dreaming.”

    At that, I crossed my arms, folded my legs and rose up from the sofa with my most comforting smile.

    “I can make you rise up from your sofa too,” I said, “it won’t hurt you, just feel it.”

    She rose slowly from her sofa; she was not panicking; but I could tell that she was trying to feel the forces that were pushing her up.

    “I believe we might be attacked at any time Genevieve by those horrible Aliens, perhaps we should move quickly now.”

    “You have nothing to fear from us,” Lise added, “we are just trying to save as many members of the family as we can and you are the most important to us. Veronique is
    already in the starship awaiting you.”

    “All right,” Guy said standing up.”

    “Do we need to take anything with us?” Genevieve asked; “are we going to come back here later on?”

    “I hope so,” I replied, “We will try to destroy the Alien mother ship and organize the Earth defenses against all their landing shuttles. If we win that war, you will be able to come
    back but your life on Earth will be different from now on.”

    We all walked out and looked up to the play of light under the starship that stood a hundred feet over our head. We took their hands and rose quickly to the opening, went
    right through and landed on the hard pack sand trail that had just formed under our feet.

    “Hello,” said Silver, the robot, standing on the flying platform, “please come aboard everyone; we will do a grand tour of the facilities before I take you home, to your new home
    where other people are awaiting you.”

    “I will see you later on, perhaps tonight at the city hall.” I said as the floor opened up under my feet; Lise  and I jumped towards our son, Francis’s house. More of the same
    happened and a few hours later, he and his wife, his daughter Arielle, his ex girlfriend Marianne and a few close friends were safely inside the starship.

    We came back for my sisters, and Lise’s brother Andre and brought them all in.

    The last one was my brother Michel.

    My brother is two years older than me and my God did he use it to its advantage in our relationship. When I was a sick and feeble teenager he was the fearless street fighter
    that every bully in the small town we were growing up in wanted to try. He wasn’t tall at five foot eight inches nor appears to be very strong but he had an incredible inner
    energy and rare ability to excel in any sport including street fighting.
    So he was my idol and my tormentor. I never accepted his leadership for I thought that leadership comes naturally when a person shows superior intellect, driving energy, zest
    for life and compassion. He didn’t have more compassion than me nor a superior intellect to mine; he was often bossing me and I tolerated it since I loved him and had much
    admiration for his qualities, his great heart and his ability to make friends. I admired his courage and his charming talent with women. He had so many friends, unbelievable,  
    and he certainly deserved their friendship.

    When my health started to improve at the age of twenty-three, after I was miraculously cured by an old holy man, I started to practice judo and I quickly became a blue belt.
    Then I started to do other sports, ping-pong, racquetball, badminton, skiing and finally golf. In all those sports, I became one of the good players but I never reached my
    brother’s level of excellence.

    We sometimes had a touchy relationship since I had my own ideas about politics and other matters that we should never talk about but we needed the comforting presence of
    a brother with whom we shared so many souvenirs. We loved each other in our own respective way.

    Lately in my life I had improved my golf game enough to compete with him sometimes and that added some spice to our relationship. I was now a superman, an immortal, with
    a far superior intelligence and my hero was an old man who still works out and try hard to keep up with much younger golf partners.

    We landed on the front balcony and I rang at the door. My brother came up, walking up the stairs slowly, from the basement, with pain on his back and legs, with his right
    shoulder still inflamed, his artificial knees…but when he opened up the door, he drew up some inner energy, all the energy he could draw up from way deep inside and tried to
    look young and energetic. That is one of the thing I like about him; at 77 years old, he wanted to project the image of the guy he was forty years ago. To me, it is a most
    commendable pride.

    Later on, Michel his wife Franca, his children and some of his closest friends had joined the others inside the spaceship.

    “Hilda dear, it is time to recruit at least 10,000 future colonists; would you broadcast on the Television net a commercial inviting people to volunteer for work to help some of
    the Midwest City people whose houses were destroyed by recent tornados?  The volunteers should preferably be retired, fifty years and older. The work will not be physically
    hard and they will be working in large teams; they will be fed and lodged and live an exciting life.

    All the ones interested should e-mail a resume to worldsaving.com. The selected ones will be given a flight ticket to the Houston astrodome and limousines will be waiting for
    them at the airport. Their mortgage or rent and all the other expenses and monthly bills will be paid and handled by our organization. When they return home, everything will
    be as it was before. Moreover, they will be paid $10,000.00 per week.

    Then please reserve the astrodome with my check card for a midnight conference three days from today and underline that time is of the essence and the interested ones will
    have to act quickly and e-mail their application immediately.”

    “It is done dear,” said Hilda in my mind, “the commercials are being broadcasted right now and I also sent e-mails to one hundred million people. I should start receiving
    applications in a few hours.”

    Please invite my family members, my clients and my golf partners and tell them that they are already approved and should come to the East wing of the astrodome.

    Hilda’s mind was like a computer but with more capacity than all the computers on Earth together. Her neural microchips were as small as a human brain molecule and she
    packed trillions of them. She could simultaneously handle conversations with millions of people and do a million other tasks all at the same time. A second for such a powerful
    computerized mind was like an hour, many hours. Fortunately, my enhanced brain was similar and we could exchange thoughts at a super fast level.

    “All right, now let’s get to the white house and meet the President.”


    “Tell me everything you know about this Richard Riverin.” The president said to his chief of staff John Stockton.

    All the important decision makers were there. It was a most dramatic and extraordinary meeting. There was Frederick Steele, the president; he had been elected two years
    before. He was a solid, handsome, athletic fifty-five years old man; a fast decision maker, a genius with the oratory acumen and charm of the late Ronald Reagan. He was now
    tested for the first time since his election. His wife Sandra was a retired movie star. They had three children in their teenage and going to college. There was the vice-president
    Dick Harvey, a sixty-eight years old no-nonsense billionaire businessman; the Secretary of State Mary Fenton; the secretary of defense Peter Grim, the CIA Director, Harold
    Findman, the FBI director Tony Sirchton, a few generals, a few scientists, the IRS director Drew Taxon, the speaker for the "Freedom USA Party" Drew Throbble, and the
    chief of the "New Democrat party" Jack Nice.

    “This man is an artist-painter operating a small art gallery in Hilton Head Island, SC. He recently sold or gave away his gallery and his paintings to another art gallery owner
    with whom he had been doing business in the past and his faithful employees, Nova and Lynn. Suddenly we find out that he is the main shareholder with control over the
    common stocks of a great number of companies. This man is presently the richest man on Earth. He bought stock of emerging companies with an unseen intuition; it was like
    he knew the future, like a time-traveler that went back in the past to buy the stocks of the most successful businesses of our time.

    Our findings started with an unexplainable explosion in a Hilton Head Island condo. The ceiling had been burst open but there were no traces of explosive. He and his wife as
    well as their twin babies were unhurt and the investigator noticed that they were hot, hard as stone and they were not breathing. The investigators started a search on both of
    them, Lise and Richard Riverin.

    That is when they found out that Riverin was immensely rich. They also found out that his wife Lise had just had her twin babies in a Hilton Head hospital. They contacted the
    doctor and questioned her. The doctor said that she saw Lise body becoming hard as stone minutes only after she gave birth. There was nothing left to do, not a trace left
    that she had just given birth to twins; she had healed instantly and was in perfect shape showing immense energy.

    A few investigators kept a watch of their condo and they saw them coming out on the balcony one night and literally jump into the sky at an unbelievable speed. They then
    plunged back towards a condo in another part of the town. They checked Riverin’s known contacts and found out that Nova, the lady he had just given his art gallery to, lived
    there. They rushed to her address and came just in time to see the Riverins holding their babies and a group of people rise to some kind of flying saucer.

    An opening took shape and swallowed them. Then the UFO disappeared like it had never been there.

    We questioned Riverin’s accountant and legal representative and he said he met Riverin once a year every year for the last fifty years. He said that he had never met such a
    fascinating person, that Riverin was a good man, perhaps more than a man, perhaps an angel. We questioned a waiter that served them a meal not long ago. He said Riverin
    gave him a huge tip and transferred him energy as they shook hands. He said Riverin had a body hard as steel and he also believed that Riverin is an angel.”

    “All right what about the other UFO, the one we thought was a meteor aiming directly to Earth.” The president asked.

    “We spotted the UFO briefly as it was slowly orbiting around the moon.” The scientist chief astronomer in charge of the Hubble telescope answered. It came directly towards
    our planet at near the light speed and somehow broke to minimal speed as it crossed Saturn orbit. We tried to establish contact with the Aliens to no avail. They ignored all
    our attempts. Then we spotted a small spaceship landing on an Island near Naples, FL. We used the Hubble telescope to watch what the Aliens were doing there and we took
    this video as they spread out on the Island and set up camp in a large opening. There was an incredibly big flying saucer on the ground about half a mile from the Alien’s
    camp. We have been watching them for two weeks now and it seems that they were trying to enter the flying saucer.”

    The scientist started the projector and showed everyone present a video of the Krulls.

    “This is now the encounter between two demons and the Aliens."

    Everyone saw the fight between one of the demons and a Krull and then the hasty departure of the Aliens and the lifting the huge flying saucer just an instant before a terrible
    explosion shook the land it was lying on. The explosion was equivalent to what we would get with a powerful nuclear bomb but there was no residual radioactivity. It was like
    the Island had been hit by a meteor; the difference being that all the matter resulting from the explosion disappeared, disintegrated to nothing else than energy.

    “So those Aliens have powerful armament, far superior to what we could throw at them.” The president commented.

    “Not only that;” went on the scientist, “they have antigravity technology, invisibility, energy shield…Their technology is so advanced over ours that we stand no chance in an
    eventual conflict. Our species is facing slavery or extinction.”

    “And now, suddenly, we have a mysterious couple that people who met them believe to be angels and we have demons on our side. I never thought I would one day face such
    a crisis.

    “ I have talked with the presidents and prime ministers of all nuclear armed countries,” Frederick Steele said, “ to make sure that an Alien attack on one of our countries would
    not be misled by an attack from us or any other countries. I wonder if I should talk to the population about the menace from those Aliens.”

    “I think you should while you can.” The secretary of defense replied.” These aliens might well pulverize all the electric centrals and cut the radio and television broadcast to
    start their invasion. The population must prepare itself for such an event before all actual mean of transportation is eliminated. Without electricity, there is no fuel in the gas
    stations, no heating, no food from the groceries and I think that the people must arm themselves, they must have a chance to defend themselves.”

    “Should we discuss the situation with the Congress?” The president asked looking at the speaker of the house and the leaders of all three political parties.

    “I don’t think we have time for that.” The secretary of defense interjected. “We should move right away to our main bunker installation. We are in immediate danger here at the
    White House.”

    That’s when the alarm went off, as Lise and I landed right in front of the White House main entrance.

    I opened the door and walked inside side by side with Lise facing the muzzles of four guards armed with submachine guns.

    “Don’t move any further, on your knees, hands over your head.” One of the guards shouted.

    “No need to get excited my friend,” I said in a pacifying tone showing my most comforting smile. “Please don’t shoot; we don’t want you to be hit by ricochets. As for us, we
    would not be affected by your shots. We come in peace to talk with the president. Please call him; it is a matter of great urgency.”

    “I said on your knees or I shoot you in the legs.” The guard shouted hysterically.

    “Then if you must, go ahead, shoot.” I replied.

    The guard shot me eight times as I kept smiling at him.

    “Satisfied?” I asked as I went on walking in the direction I thought would lead to a conference room.

    The guards shot another round at us. I turned around and pull the guns out of their hands using the same kind of energy beam that I used to lift people to the starship. Then I
    flew them under a desk.

    I told you not to shoot at us,” I said, “We don’t want to hurt you. Please call the president.”

    “Mr. Riverin, I guess,” the president said, coming out of the conference room, “we were just talking about you.”

    “Mr. President, it is a pleasure to meet you but I would have prefer to do it in less dramatic circumstances.” I replied offering my hand.

    We shook hands. There was the automatic energy transfer and healing.

    “Please follow me inside” The president said under high emotion, “I wish to introduce you to my guests.

    We had walked in the large conference room and everyone was looking at us. Lise and I saluted them.

    "So Mr. Riverin, who or what are you? Some said you might be an angel. I noticed that not only you are hard as steel but you are warm, impossibly warm for a human and you
    do not breathe, you got no pulse and apparently you can fly. Moreover you just now did something to me; I never felt better.” The president said.

    “Lise and I are enhanced humans.” I replied. “We are no angels but we are the only ones that might save our world from the Krulls.”

    “Are they going to invade us? To what purpose?” The president asked.

    “The invasion is inevitable,” I said, “the Krulls came from very far away to loot our planet. Their colony ship is huge and it is using some kind of fuel that is probably too
    depleted to return to their world of origin without landing, manufacturing that fuel and recharge. They came to loot and then destroy our world.
    We had an encounter with some of them. We paid them a visit on an island where they were trying to get inside my starship. We took the appearance of demons and told
    them to leave our farm world intact. We told them we were feeding on humans and if they damage our farm world, we would start feeding on them.

    I then fought and killed one of them to show our power and we barely escaped in my starship before they shot their maser at the island. They probably think that the starship
    belongs to yet another species, since we told them we could jump from chaos to this universe. So they are hesitant, they will probably land somewhere, fortify a base, perhaps
    many bases and start manufacturing their fuel to recharge their tanks in case they need to escape and fly back to their world of origin. Once they have done that, they will
    probably start the invasion. But I might be wrong and the invasion might be imminent so I suggest you all come with me and set up your quarters inside the starship. You will
    have no difficulties communicating with the various agencies and you will be safer there than inside your bunker. The White house is the worst place you can be right now.”

    “Will we be able to keep contact with the rest of the government and the people?” The president asked.

    “To answer that, let me introduce you to Hilda the artificial intelligence whose body is the starship.”

    “Hi everyone,” Hilda said as she materialized on my side, “I will answer that question. I can broadcast messages to all the televisions and radios of the world; I can control all
    the frequencies. I can talk with a great number of people all at the same time while doing a million other tasks. Your biggest computers would be tiny parts of my mind and I
    can take control of them too. I was created by the Emissaries to serve humanity and they gave me to Richard as a parting gift, as a reward to the writer that gave them their

    “So, will you please follow me to the starship, we might have very little time left before the White House is destroyed". I said.

    “Let’s go everyone,” The president ordered, “keep your questions for when we are safe in that starship…”

    The guards that shot me in the back had come out from under the desk and were staring at me when I walked out of the conference room. They had recuperated their guns
    but this time, they were keeping them pointed down.

    “I am taking the president and everyone here in my starship,” I said, “the two of you are not coming.”

    “And you are fired,” the president added, “just go home.”

    The two guards hesitated not knowing what to do with the guns.

    “Take your guns with you,” went on the President, “you may need them to fight  Aliens if we are invaded.”

    We walked outside and went a good distance from the white house and stop; at that moment Hilda cancelled the energy shield that protected the starship and kept it invisible.
    The starship appeared in its entire splendor and the antigravity beam lifted us all inside its shell. In just a few seconds we were standing on the hard packed dirt road where
    Silver the robot was awaiting us on a large antigrav platform.

    “Welcome to …” Silver started.

    “The Endeavor” I said.

    “Welcome to the Endeavor,” Silver repeated, “please step on the platform and I will take you all to the city and the mayor office.”

    “It is much bigger here than I guessed from the outside,” the president mentioned, “it is so beautiful.”

    “Some of The Endeavor’s rooms are bigger than the whole starship,” Hilda explained, “they spread into a fifth dimension. Her holographic presence had followed us and she
    was standing right beside Silver at the aft of the antigrav platform.

    The whole group of dignitaries, the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of defense, the generals, the scientists, everyone was overwhelmed by
    what they were seeing, the beautiful valley, the far horizon, the strange artificial sky, the levitating platform, the robot, Hilda’s holographic presence and Lise and I radiating
    heat and extreme energy. They were all wondering if the whole thing was true; wondering if it was a dream.
    Silver took the control of the platform, elevating it to a height of one hundred feet over the valley floor. There were no protective rails and some of the people standing close to
    the edge stepped back.

    “Don’t worry,” I said, “the platform will stay perfectly horizontal and I can easily hold you or lift you back if you were to fall. Moreover, I assure you that this won’t happen on my
    watch. Enjoy the view, relax, you are safe and by the way you are not dreaming. The Emissaries designed each of the Endeavor’s rooms with care for the esthetic; they made
    them as beautiful as they could be.”

    We watch a pack of wolves giving chase to a herd of antelopes. Then a flock of pink swans, thousands of them, flew right beside the platform. We saw a moose and its mate
    pulling on cauliflowers and water lilies on a nearby lakeshore. We spent half an hour looking at the wild life action underneath, at the prairies and the small forests, the flower
    fields and the streams and then Silver brought us down and into the doorway to the next room. Here was a different panorama, there were the snow-capped mountains in the
    background and a large lake with a village built on its shore. The village counted ten thousand houses, each one with enough lawn, bushes and fruit trees to make them most
    pleasant to live in. There was a village's downtown with a church, shops, restaurants and bars, a municipal park, a football field with a stadium that could seat twenty thousand
    people. There were cement paths for roller blades and bicycles and many golf courses but everything was empty.

    There were shining metal contraptions, some kind of machines busy cutting the grass or picking up fruits from the trees. Other ones were working in the corn and wheat field
    that went on for miles from the village to the snow capped mountains. There was a marina with a hundred of sailboats attached to the boat docks.

    The village was clean; the lawns were well cut; the whole village had been kept in perfect state but there were no people in it except for a small group talking in front of the
    mayor house and some more in a nearby restaurant.

    “What a beautiful place to spend a holiday,” said Sandra the first lady, “I wish we had Harvey, Chloe and Jimmy with us.”

    “Can you do anything about our children?” Frederick Steele asked.

    “We can call them on their cell phone and ask them to come to the Houston Astrodome where we intend to pick up a few thousand people Saturday night.” I proposed. “And
    this is good for all of you.” I added looking at all the present dignitaries. Hilda will pick up your contacts from your cellular phones and call them; she will tell them what is
    happening and invite them to the astrodome. If your family members are not listed in your cellular, just say their names and phone numbers; she can listen to all of you even if
    you all speak at the same time, she remembers everything.”

    The antigravity platform landed in front of the mayor’s office. Nova and Lynn with our babies were amongst the group of people awaiting us.

    “Emiss, Arries!” Lise said as we took them in our arms and kissed them delicately on the cheeks. The babies were very happy to see us too and they expressed it in their own
    ways. They were only a few weeks old but evidently the tiny cellular size robots, spread out in their entire bodies, were accelerating their brain functions. They looked as
    developed mentally as three years old babies and they were as big too.

    “They were very easy to handle,” Nova said.

    “Excellent, they are adorable,” I replied as I looked at them fondly.

    People were coming out of the mayor’s house and the nearby restaurant-bar; when everyone was there I invited the president to say a few words to the small crowd. The
    president told them that he will collaborate to our efforts to fight the Krulls and he is putting at my disposal all the armed forces of the USA. He then asked the small crowd to
    kneel down and pray with him for God’s help in the coming fight. Once the prayer was done, we went inside the mayor office and from the main room we went into a circle in
    the middle of the office and were beamed up into the ship control room.


    The astrodome was packed with a lot of elders. They had to pass through a scanning room and answer two or three questions:   If we give you immortality, would you move
    permanently to another world and work hard to build up a new nation? Why do you think you should be granted immortality?

    Hilda was scanning each one and evaluating their sincerity and their qualities; it was done instantly and one of two doors would open leading the guests either inside or back
    outside the astrodome. There were hundreds of rejects, all the Muslims were rejected for the way they were treating their women. There were also amongst the angry group of
    rejects some violent policemen, bankers, attorneys, syndicate leaders, unpleasant people, bullies, street gang members, drug dealers…

    For a few days now, the ship had been hovering with full force field right over the astrodome, protecting the whole area and this ever since we openly broadcasted on all TV
    channels our invitations. It was midnight when I flew over the crowd and slowly landed on a dais set up in the center. I thanked the people for coming and explained to them
    that we were in fact recruiting future colonists to a new world and we could not broadcast it openly. So we had used a subterfuge, pretending we were recruiting people for the
    reconstruction of damaged Midwest villages. I explained the situation and my intention to start a new nation on a far away world where no man had gone before.

    I promised them that should they accept, today was the beginning of an exciting new life for them. I promised them immortality. I told them that we were ready to beam them up
    into our huge spaceship where they will be brought to a village. There were enough houses to shelter everyone.

    I asked those that did not wish to participate to leave the astrodome immediately adding up that a $10,000.00 check will be remitted to everyone at the exit and the majority of
    people left.  

    Once they had exited.  I looked at the remaining people and estimated that we had about 5000 recruits.

    “Can we take our children and closest friends with us?” One of the people asked.

    “Yes, once inside the starship, you will be able to call them and talk with them. You will be able to show them some of the starship rooms. We will pick up all your dear ones
    that wish to join us."

    There was a huge screen and Hilda projected a movie tour of the starship interior.

    “Those who changed their mind and wish to go back home can do it now.” I said.

    A few dozen of people left.

    “We will beam you up now and we will start the rejuvenation of the sick people and the elders in priority; please hold on and keep your emotions under control. You will be
    given a medecine that will keep you alive until your time come for the rejuvenation immersion bac. We don't want you to die when you are so close to immortality.”

    We beamed them up and brought them to the village where they were directed to their new houses. Parents with their children had first choice; then the couples and finally the
    bachelors and bachelorettes. While they were set up in their houses, the Endeavour raised to orbit a few hundred miles over the USA.
    Hilda sent miniature drones  over South America, Africa, New Zealand,  India, China, Canada and a few other countries where we thought the Krulls had already set up their
    invasion bases.

    The drones were equipped with force field, cloaking devices and powerful cameras. These drones, like the Endeavour, did not need any fuel; they were drawing their energy
    from the infinite power holding the universe from chaos; they were branched on the fabric of God. We needed to find at least one of these bases, attack it in such a way that
    the Krulls would have to escape in their shuttle and fly to their colony ship. Lise and I would follow it and enter the colony ship when it would shut off its energy shield to let the
    shuttle get in.

    “We found two Krull bases” Hilda said, “one in Columbia and one in Australia.

    She gave us the location of the Columbian one and we left the ship, changing our shapes into demons and jumping from a cloud cover to the jungle about a mile from their

    “Let’s get wide Lise; very wide, but let’s do it slowly and perhaps we will sense an approaching breaking point where we could not disperse our cells any further  without losing
    our integrity, soul or mind.”

    We became so big that we had turned into a transparent cloud and yet our individual cells stayed connected. No radar would notice our approach and we flew to the Krull’s
    camp. Once inside, we condensed our cells and took our demons shape and started to kill the Krulls making us visible to a large number of them and emitting the most
    frightening and evil roars. They ran to their shuttle and left in haste, calling the mother ship to let them in. We had jumped to the shuttle hull and glued ourselves to it changing
    our shapes again to be part of the hull.

    Once inside the colony ship, we went to the control room, killing the Krulls standing in our way and once inside, we threw energy bolts at the control board and the Krull colony
    ship lost its invisibility shield. We left it and returned to the Endeavour just as Hilda was destroying it.

    We then destroyed the second Krull base and Hilda bought back the Endeavour over the White House where the ship hovered totally invisible and protected with its
    space/time energy shield.

    A meeting was called for and the President with Hilda’s help contacted the congress and senate members to the White House for an 11:00PM meeting the following day with
    the mention to be there at least one hour in advance. At 11:00 PM everybody was led outside on the lawn and Hilda opened up its million of multicolor lights. The spaceship
    was one mile in diameter; it was huge, awe inspiring and from it came a beam of light that touched the grass right in the middle of the group. Members of the Congress and
    Senate quickly moved away from the circle of light as the president slowly descended through it.

    “My friends” the president said, “would you like to come over to the spaceship for our meeting?”

    At that moment Hilda took shape in a beautiful dress right beside the president.

    “I am Hilda, the spaceship is my body; I am the artificial intelligence running it and you have nothing to fear; please come aboard.”

    The circle of light suddenly enlarged to include all the people and slowly beamed them all inside a large spaceship opening. We then brought everyone to a large conference
    room with enough seats for everyone.

    “Thank you all for coming in such a short notice” The president said from the dais. “These are extraordinary circumstances; we had visitors from another world, aliens, and
    they were not friendly. They came to loot and destroy our world and without the help of our hosts our species would have been wiped out.”

    Everyone was under shock, they hadn’t heard about the Krulls’ invasion and they were still under shock from having been beamed up into a huge flying saucer. Nobody
    spoke, waiting for the president to tell more about it. He told them everything; he told them that the Krulls’ colony ship had just been destroyed and two of their secret bases as

    “Are we safe now?” One of the congressmen asked.

    “We believe there are still a dozen more well camouflaged Krull military bases with shuttles that are really small spaceships armed with powerful masers.”I replied.”So we are
    not out of the woods yet but I am confident that they will not start bombing our cities now that their colony is destroyed. They will wait for reinforcement. There might be a
    number of Krull spaceships on their way here and perhaps some other aliens as well now that we have been broadcasting our presence to the neighboring stars for the last
    one hundred years.”

    “Our Hosts have studied mankind history and the national and International laws; they have eidetic memory and a capacity of understanding and analyzing the present
    situation.” The president said; "and I believe they have some suggestions for transforming our multiple nations and governments on Earth, starting here in the USA.”

    “Mister President, senators, congressmen,  we will be leaving shortly,” I said,”Lise and I read the history, since it tends to repeat itself; we also read the laws of a few countries
    and we have prepared a new constitution. We recommend you to vote on it and get it approved now.”

    I explained the main changes.

    "I also proposed a universal sales tax of 15% on all articles except food and apartment rent and a low income tax with no loopholes for everyone earning more than the
    minimum needed for a decent life. All policemen, attorneys, judges, mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, reporters, business CEOs, civil servants, everyone with power
    over a large number of people should be licensed. The license would be granted after a reform cession. We have the technology to reform people in power to make sure they
    will work for the good of everyone.

    We are ready now to reorient all of you. Please look at that screen,It will take just thirty minutes and we will reorient you all. It is totally inoffensive, there are no secondary
    effects; people have the same personality after than before but they acquire a strong desire to work for the good of everyone. Their compassion level and their altruism
    increased and they have a strong repulsion in doing wrong to others.”

    At that a large number of corrupt congressmen, senators and governors started to object.

    “Please wait” I asked, “I will be back in a moment with something that will convince everyone.”

    I left as a soft music started and a large screen took form. People look at the images, totally fascinated, not really understanding the images but fascinated nevertheless. It
    lasted half an hour; the screen disappeared, the music stop and I was back.

    “So do you have any objection to my proposals?” I asked.

    There were no more objections; everyone in the room had just been reformed without their consent; there wasn’t one of them that did not regret some of the things they did in
    the past; they were not overwhelmed with remorse though but they all wanted to do right from now on.

    “Did you just reform me?” The California governor asked.” I am a changed man and I regret some of my past actions.”

    “It was necessary” I replied, “we have to vote on important changes and personal considerations should not interfere with your votes.”  

    A condensed version of the new constitution was distributed to everyone and the president asked them to have a look at it. There were very important changes in addition to
    the ones we had just talk about. There was to be no more long term imprisonment or capital punishment. Some of the senators asked me what deterrent will stop the criminals
    if there is no more jail time; if there is no more fear of punishment.

    “The reform device will eliminate the need for jail or capital punishment. We will also provide you with a lie detector that literally takes away the resistance of the subject to
    questioning and his control of the responses.  If an individual is a person of interest for a crime, the police would arrest one and submit one to the lie detector and one will
    confess all one’s crimes. One will then be seated in the reform cubicle and leave half an hour later regretting one’s action and determined to be a good citizen from now on
    and to compensate one’s victim.

    That will work for all kind of crimes and will result in a very rapid diminution of crimes and criminals. We can build enough lie detectors and reform cubicles for the need of the
    country in less than six months; every police station will have them; every government office as well and we will start reforming the prisoners right away; we will empty the jails
    inside of a few months. ”

    The new constitution was approved in unanimity.

    "We have to form a world government” I said, “we have to clean the planet of its pollution and all the countries should contribute. We have the technology to build small fusion
    generators that will power the homes, the businesses, the cities, the airports, the planes, the cars. The need for oil and coals will be reduced to a point where we will not need
    to import from the Arab countries.

    The world is in danger of extinction and the most immediate menace come from radical dictators. We live in fear of a nuclear holocaust; some countries harboring extremists
    groups are led by people who would rejoice in the downfall of the free world. We intend to meet those leaders and we will readjust their values. It will involve hypnosis and the
    use of our reform devices. Once the leaders are reoriented and determined to work for the good of humanity, everything will become easier.

    I am proposing the formation of a world government and the elimination of the nuclear armament. That should start here in the USA while we are here to protect you. You
    should call for a meeting of the presidents of the nuclear armed countries. We will reform them and they will be determined to have it done in their country too.”

    We proceeded to a vote on this and got the unanimity.

    “We will offer anti-gravity devices to all the peaceful countries. We will help you start the building of spaceships to defend our world. In the mean time we will go on recruiting
    the colonists but we will not leave before the world is changed and safe. We expect to stay for a few years to help in the making of those great changes. We will then leave
    Earth with 20,000 colonists.”

    “But how can you do that? How can you initiate and get all those important changes through inside of a few years?” The president asked.

    “Mister President, we do not sleep, we have unlimited energy. When it is nighttime here, we will be working on the other side of the world; we will not slack in our efforts to get
    those changes through.”

    “What about immortality?” The president asked.

    “We will give immortality to the colonists; we will start anew on a far away world and the civilization that will blossom there will be far different than the one that will be happening
    on Earth. People will evolve in an entirely new way, knowing that they are there forever; knowing that they will never die.”

    “Can I apply as a colonist with my family?” The president asked.

    “All of you are welcome to join us; you will have the choice in resigning office and come with us to another world or go on with your important occupation. But we can’t give you
    the immortality if you stay on Earth; the planet is crowded and if we give the immortality to everyone, Earth will not be able to sustain the rapid growth in population.

    We can’t give the immortality to a few people either.  They would suffer the loss of their dear ones as they grow old and die while they stay young. People would hate them,
    envy them; they would kill them if they can; Earth is not ready for it yet."

    The meeting turned into a philosophical discussion; many questions were asked and the politicians started to talk animatedly to each other, offering their own ideas and
    making plans for the future. A few hours passed and at one point I told them that we needed to resume our search for the Krulls hidden military bases and their destruction.

    We beamed everyone back to the White House lawn, including the president and his wife and promised them to stay in contact.

    In the months that followed, we searched, found and eliminated all the Krulls’ military bases.

    The changes came fast; two years have passed and the world is changed forever. We have added more recruits and reached the 20,000 number of colonists. A world
    government has taken over and all the people in power have been reformed and work for the good of the population. Frederick Steele and his family joined the colonists and
    Lise and I whole family too.

    We gave the choice to a large number of recruits to be turned into supermen but no one accepted yet. We told them that everything would be easy to do if they accept but
    they will lose the satisfaction of achieving something difficult; a game of golf or cards will not be very exciting since they will always play a perfect game. We told them that they
    will not be able to have children if they get enhanced, that they will be feared by the others, that the un-enhanced will not love them; that there will be a barrier of intelligence
    between the immortals and the enhanced. Our colonists thought about it and decided to wait for the enhancement.

    We wanted to leave Earth now but we also wanted to leave behind us a few enhanced people to protect Earth so we decided to try with the monks and the sisters. I went to a
    Benedictine monastery near Montreal where I used to spend a few days each year in silence to readjust my values. Only two monks can talk to the
    visitors: the librarian inside the library and one more at the admission office. I walked inside the monastery and told the one in charge of the admission office that I wish to go
    to the library and talk with the good father in charge of it.

    “Will you stay for a few days with us?” The monk asked.

    “No, thank you, I just need to talk with the one in charge of the library.”

    “I will get him; please walk upstairs and it will be on your right.”

    The librarian joined me a few minutes later and he was the one I knew. I had met him a few times, many years before. He was probably over a hundred years old now and
    walked with great pain and difficulties.

    - Father Henry I am so glad to meet you again, I was afraid you would be long dead by now.

    - I met you before; yes I recognize you; you haven’t change; you are the young chemist that was attacked by a demon while you practiced the astral trips in your cell; you had
    talked to me about your victorious fight with the demon when it tried to possess you and how you imprisoned it in a tiny part of your brain.

    - Yes this is I.

    - Is it still in your brain, the demon?

    - I lived with the fear that when I die it would take my soul to Hell. I lived with that fear for many years and sometimes when I was asleep, my thought thread circulating through
    the neural paths would come close to the group of cells imprisoning the demon and I would jump from the bed, shouting in fear, trying to deviate the thought thread from its
    way to the demon prison for I knew that if it reached it, the cell walls will crumble and it would be liberated and then it might take possession of me. But that fear is no more,
    the demon is gone; the Emissaries that transformed my body into a superman must have chased it away; perhaps into another universe.

    - You haven’t changed, you look in your twenties and you must be over 70 years old by now.

    - It is a long story Father Henry, can I hug you for just a moment…; you are in pain and I wouldn’t want you to die on me while I have such an important request for you.

    At that moment I took him in my arm and I sensed all the weak and sick parts of his body; I transferred some healing energy and sensed him becoming more vigorous. I let
    him go and backed up a few feet.

    - The pain is gone and I feel more energetic, you have just done a miracle…

    - Father, I would like to transform you into an immortal superman like me and I have a mission for you.

    At that I levitated and grew some wings out of my back and formed a ring over my head held by an invisible hair.

    - You are an angel! My God you are an angel…I had lost my faith in Heaven and Hell over the years thinking that we humans were not important to God. I had come to think
    that there was no reason for God to give us Heaven for what would be Heaven? Would it be a cloudy place where we float in peace adoring God forever? But how could we
    adore or love an entity that we don’t know, that we never met and that is infinitely more intelligent than us? To tell God that we adore Him would be a lie and He would know it.
    What would we do in Heaven? I was in regret of having wasted my life here in the monastery and now here you are; was I wrong, does Heaven exist? What is it like?

    - Father Henry, Heaven exist and it has more than one level. Moreover God is interested in us. I went to the ring world and visited the Reception office where most souls go
    when they die. I met Saint-Joseph and got many revelations from him but I am not an angel and I will never go to Heaven for I will never die.
    I shrank my wings back to my body and eliminated the ring hovering over my head.

    - What are you then?

    - I am enhanced and I am leaving Earth with a group of colonists to find another world, a world where mankind will evolve in a different direction perhaps and we need some
    enhanced people to protect Earth from invaders or dictators. Would you accept to forsake Heaven and be turned into an immortal superman and a protector?

    There was a long pause; father Henry was caught by his sense of duty; he was wondering if God would approve his decision to forsake Heaven. He had spent a whole life in
    prayers and meditation to deserve a place there; he also did it for the comforting thought that God approved what he did and all the sacrifices he had endured. All of that for
    nothing if he forsakes Heaven now that he was at the end of his life and a short time away from his reward. I knew it was a very difficult decision and I waited in silence.

    - I accept.

    I walked outside with him and brought him to the Endeavour. I recruited a few more monks and an equal number of sisters.  A few weeks later, they were enhanced and
    returned to Earth.

    I incorporated a non-profit church '' Children of God '' and gave the control to the enhanced. I transfered in it all my money and the rights for the new technology.

    We had a goodbye celebration for our departure. Millions upon millions of viewers watched the celebration; we wished Earth good luck and beamed back to the Endeavour.
    The huge spaceship left with a burst of colors.

                                                                                                                     Year 2134

    Today we landed on a beautiful world after more than 100 years of exploration. We visited a great number of stars and spent a week or more in each star system to find their
    life sustaining planets; we explored about 2000 stars and finally found one planet with the right gravity, atmosphere and vegetation. The wild life and vegetation was not too
    dangerous and could be digested by humans.  It was the first world where we feel we would be happy to live on.

    We would not broadcast our presence so there were very small probabilities that we would ever be found by Earth or alien spaceships. We would never know what happened
    to our brothers for we would not be able to find them either. We lost track, even Hilda lost track and we would not be able to find our way back.
    Our twin Emiss and Arries have mated got children and became enhanced. The cycle went on for four generations and we now have 32 enhanced descendants. In our search
    for a suitable world for humans, we found some inhabited worlds and a few of them had intelligent species, far different from us. We spent more time in those star systems,
    fascinated by the strangeness of those worlds. There were so many marvels that we soon realized we could not get bored exploring the universe. In fact exploring the galaxy
    was addicting, it was getting in our blood, matter of speaking. Finally, we landed on that beautiful world and called it New Hope. We helped the initial phase of New Hope
    colonization; we spend 200 years there and left again to spread out humanity to more worlds.
    We left with the intention to colonize a new world every 200 years and spread mankind over many more worlds.

                                                                                                                   Year 2335

    All kind of thoughts come to my mind as we sit on an asteroid orbiting a gas giant. There are fifty of us, all enhanced. We don’t freeze, we don’t breath and we feel wonderful
    in our indestructible body. It is dark on the icy asteroid and the colors of the swirling atmosphere of the gas giant underneath are incredibly beautiful.
    We have spotted large beings floating leisurely in the swirling gas or chasing each other; they are made of gaseous molecules and they are huge, some of them are many
    miles long. We have decided to contact them and that might be dangerous; who knows what these incredibly huge beings could do to us. But there is no rush and as we watch
    them, I think about my life, my years on Earth, my friends and relatives that stayed there and are all dead by now.

    I wonder what happened to our world of origin; is it still there; has it been attacked again by Aliens and did they fight back and survive? What about my friend the Benedictine
    monk who forsook Heaven to become a protector over mankind. I look ahead to what is awaiting us; in a million years from now, we will have visited 50,000 star systems and
    hopefully establish colonies on 5,000 worlds.  There will still be 400 billion unexplored stars in the Milky Way.

    It will take us 80 million years to visit the galaxy if we spend only one week in each star system but we might spend years in some of the most fascinating ones; so to explore
    only our galaxy will take us over 200 million years and that is enough time for important changes to occur on the life sustaining planets.

    It is enough time for the rise and fall of countless civilizations. So we will never know who and what live in our galaxy. Once we have done the exploration of it, we will just have
    begun our eternity. There are billions of galaxies. What will we find? What will we become? Will we meet God?

                                                                                           In the end it will just be A New beginning